Long Forgotten Pot Bust, Bureacratic Screwup Prompt Agents to Seize California Man’s Guns

Photo Credit: COURTESY OF MIKE MERRITTMichael Merritt had all but forgotten about the pot bust way back in 1970 when state agents came knocking on the door of his Bakersfield, Calif. home.

The agents, from the state’s Department of Justice, started peppering the 61-year-old avid hunter with questions about the guns he owns. Then they told him to hand them over.

“I didn’t know why they were here,” Merritt told FoxNews.com of the Nov. 5 incident. “Then it hit me in a flash. They were here to take my guns and I didn’t know why.”

Merritt was a convicted felon, according to their records, and therefore not eligible to own the pistols, hunting rifles and various collectibles he had legally purchased and registered. But the idea he was a felon was news to him, Merritt said.

“I kept asking them what the felony was for,” he said. “They just showed me a printout with some code and told me they weren’t sure what it was for.”

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  • trp878

    A perfect example of corruption by circumventing the intent of the law to disarm Americans through the illegal manipulation of the legal system. This corruption needs eradicated.

  • gracentruth

    There is something in obamatax that does the same thing. Eliminate all who ever supported the white kenyan and his obamatax. Peace,

  • reggiec

    The ATF recently released a memo stating that if you have a medical Cannabis recommendation, even in a state that allows medical cannabis use, it is probable cause to believe you are a drug addict and that you no longer have Second Amendment rights.