Michelle Malkin Girds for 2014 GOP Civil War

Photo Credit: APMichelle Malkin doesn’t run away from fights, she runs toward them. And she’s running faster than ever headlong into the 2014 Republican primary battles on behalf of upstart conservative candidates who are mounting insurgent challenges to the GOP old guard.

Twitter is Malkin’s weapon of choice. Battles with her almost always devolve into wars, and those who follow the conservative social media scene know she has a proven formula online: Taunting quips from foes bring out the full force of her Twitter arsenal, with snappy replies, catchy hashtags and the mobilization of a legion of energized followers.

Malkin, 43, says she’s using her influence — and her confrontational approach — on behalf of candidates she deems worthy of it in this year’s midterm.

“I see the practically unlimited power that social media has to help push the issues and causes and people I care about,” Malkin told POLITICO in a recent interview. “I know what I’m good at.”

She’s focusing on backing politicians challenging establishment Republicans — for instance, she’s thrown her support behind Katrina Pierson, who is campaigning to unseat longtime incumbent Rep. Pete Sessions in Texas.

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  • reggiec

    Sick-em Michelle…. we have your back!

    The “TEA Party Movement” (Not a Party) and those they
    support are becoming more and more determined to counter decades of creeping Socialism. I believe that voters would love to have a clear choice between candidates instead of being forced to choose the lesser evil.

    The left has been very well organized for decades. (Labor unions, teachers unions, community action groups, the homosexual lobby and illegal immigration promoters) The reason RINOS and the left fear the “TEA Party Movement” is because the right is showing their ability to organize as well. They are pulling down the curtain that has hidden how the elite of both Democrats and the GOP have worked together to increase the size and power of the central government at the expense of state and individual rights.

    RINO’s (Democrats wearing a Republican Label) are card carrying members of the Washington elite. It has become ever clearer that the establishment of both parties have sold their votes to campaign donors and special interests. We can get their attention by a
    primary challenge during the next election cycle and every one after that.

    Make them feel like they are whistling past the graveyard hoping the ghosts of our Founding Fathers are not giving aid and comfort to the true Conservatives that will challenge the GOP in a hostile

  • Joe1938

    One hell’of’a’thing when one of our conservative ladies has more stones than 90% of the old blueblood GOP rethread GOP’ers have total!!

  • rodulfo-tardo

    Malkin should concentrate on the overthrow of Karl Rove, from anything Republican, he in the most effective ally this Obama Caliphate possesses.