Poll: Overwhelming Majority Believe News Monitoring Not the Government’s Job

Photo Credit: TownHallBy now you’ve heard about the FCC “study” that would have put government bureaucrats into newsrooms all over the country in order to monitor how news is gathered. Luckily, that study was killed thanks to the work of conservative media and FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, who exposed and spoke out against it.

Now, a new Rasmussen Report shows an overwhelming majority of Americans do not believe it is the government’s job to monitor news content.

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  • James

    Hell, the government has no intent of monitoring the news; they are hell bent on controlling it. They are not “going to, they already have control of the news. You cannot get a news program that shows you the facts, every dam one slants the news by using actives like “the latest Poll shows that the people over whelming support gay marriage,” The truth is that the poll does not show that but the new people will say that. They like to use derogatory terms on any news that goes against their agenda. Then on top of that they think they have to have some idiot explain to you what was just said.

  • amiciLatinae

    The first amendment has not been repealed. Perhaps the overwhelming majority has at least some tiny inkling of what is in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. How will you vote, America? For or against the Constitution?

  • rodulfo-tardo

    There is no opinion needed, the illiterate “public” polled, should know only one thing, it is a violation of the Constitution, and the only industry specifically protected by the 1st. Amendment to the Constitution of this country, how much lower can this society dive? Is it politically incorrect to declare a government proposal, un-Constitutional illegal and tyrannical? Has this country fallen off the Normative State, to accept this suppressed imitation of Democracy, ohh, wait we have that ‘vortex’ thingie to research, or sugar, tobacco, and gays, that is definitely more attractive than Ukraine, Afghanistan, Benghazi, or maybe the five banking senior managers, that jumped from roofs in one week, or the other nine, that longer gets press, the reporting of the news does not exist today, in reality it has been lacking since this Obama Caliphate.