Condi Rice Campaigns for McConnell, Sullivan and Other GOP Establishment Candidates

Weekly Standard

Weekly Standard

House majority whip Kevin McCarthy introduced [Former Secretary of State Condoleezza] Rice [at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual dinner Wednesday night in Washington, D.C.] and raised the prospect that she might become even more involved in politics in two years. After listing various prestigious positions she’s held, he noted, “There’s one thing that’s not on her resume and I want her to put her mind to it to resolve that in 2016.”

Rice has downplayed those suggestions and there’s little reason to believe she’s angling for a run. Still, she has been increasingly active on behalf of her fellow Republicans. Earlier this month, Rice spoke at a Kentucky fundraiser for Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and the spring convention for the California Republican party. Rice appeared in an ad touting Alaska Senate hopeful and Marine reservist Dan Sullivan, a spot paid for by Karl Rove’s super PAC, American Crossroads. In the coming months, she will make appearances for the National Republican Senatorial Committee….

Before turning to foreign policy, Rice urged the crowd, including many Republican House members, to keep America a “nation of immigrants” and strafed liberals who send their kids to private schools but write New York Times op-eds claiming that school choice will ruin public schools.

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  • maggie9876

    She’s another rhino, but I knew that a long time ago.

  • James

    My respect for Miss Rice has now greatly deteriorated to the
    point I would not support her for President or any other elected office. Before this I would have supported her. However, after saying this, I can understand why she might support these old school want to be power brokers. Miss Rice as Secretary of State always had to be open to compromise when dealing with foreign powers. Compromise
    has always been part of her belief. Now the time has come where there is nothing to compromise on except the very basis upon what you were founded. These are the principals that must never be compromised. People like McConnell and McCain do not give a dam what they give away as long as they get something in return. That something is usually some political favor.

  • Nate

    Sad. Someone like her could add such fervor to the idea of republicans returning to their conservative values. Instead, it’s all about control.

  • HW

    Don’t forget she is responsible for much of the chaos in Pakistan today, she forced Musharraf to allow Bhutto’s return from exile and the rest is history. Just one of her questionable acts

  • Daninfla

    She, along with MOST of the other establishment, progressive and “moderate” Republican hacks in the Bush and Clinton administration(s), paved the way for the abomination we have now. Pray that it is not too late to save the country.

  • gracentruth

    This will turn even RINOs against McConnell and Sullivan. the only way they have a chance is election fraud – and that is standard operating procedure here in Alaska. True the vote. Isaiah 9:10. Peace,