Miller Blasts Begich for Climate Change Deception

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

Joe Miller today blasted Democrat Mark Begich for his full-on embrace this week of Barack Obama’s newly released Climate Change Assessment. Begich is calling for an end to scientific debate and for immediate action. 

“Mark Begich wants to have it both ways,” Miller said. “On the one hand, he uncritically accepts this administration’s alarmist conclusions and demands action. But on the other hand, he’s trying to distance himself from Obama’s proposed agenda, even to the point of disavowing ‘solutions’ he advocated for when it wasn’t election season.”

Mark Begich signed a 2010 letter to Harry Reid urging decisive action on climate change, stating, “We believe the scale of this challenge dictates the need for a comprehensive solution that includes making polluters pay through a price on greenhouse gas emissions.”

Apparently, our junior senator is unaware that there are good reasons to doubt the alarmists’ conclusions. For instance: 

•    A recent study conducted by the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks concluded that the average temperature in Alaska declined by 2.34 degrees between 2000-2010.

•    A Fox News story last fall cited a National Snow and Ice Data Center report of a 60% increase in Arctic sea ice just between 2012-2013.

•    In a CNSNews article this spring, a Canadian evolutionary biologist warned that Arctic polar bears could be threatened by too much sea ice.

President Obama and Mark Begich’s pronouncements of an end to the scientific debate regarding climate change are based not on any new or conclusive findings of the scientific community, but on a willingness of ideologically driven politicians to exercise raw power to move their agenda forward.

Miller concluded, “What’s important is not what Mark Begich says this year, it’s what we know he will do next year if we give him another term in the United States Senate. We have watched him carry the water for Barack Obama and Harry Reid for five years now. Last year alone, he voted with the President 97% of the time. If Mark Begich is not in agreement with Barack Obama’s policies, why has he not put up a fight against this administration’s enactment of its anti-development climate change agenda through unlawful executive actions and bureaucratic fiat?”

  • MrChicken

    This is what democrats do, they ignore any and all scientific evidence that doesn’t support their point of view.

  • pineapple

    From “Climategate” by Sussman:


    It’s astounding to note that, of the gases on our
    atmosphere, the amount of carbon dioxide is almost imperceptible. By
    percentage, the gases are ordered as follows:

    Nitrogen 78.1%

    Oxygen 20.9%

    Water vapor 0.40%

    Argon 0.90%

    Carbon dioxide 0.038%

    Neon 0.002%

    Helium 0.005%

    Methane 0.002%

    Krypton 0.001%

    Hydrogen 0.0005%

    Nitrous oxide 0.0003%

    Ozone 0.000004%

    Carbon monoxide trace

    Carbon dioxide only accounts
    for a scant 38 thousandths of a percent of our planet’s atmosphere. It is known
    as a variable gas because, like water vapor, is has historically fluctuated. And what percentage of the miniscule amount of
    CO2 is produced by the activities of man, including the utilization of fossil
    fuels? According to a thorough analysis by the Carbon dioxide Information Analysis
    Center, a research wing
    of the U.S. Department of Energy, it is only 3.207 percent.(Stated another way, man-made carbon dioxide
    constitutes only .00126 % of the earth’s atmosphere.) All of this hoopla over an atmospheric component so
    minute, it is difficult to comprehend.

    Allow me to repeat this
    critical fact;

    Carbon dioxide comprises 38/1000ths of the earth’s
    atmosphere, and of that amount, a mere 3 percent is

    generated by mankind.

    Furthermore, nitrous oxide is 310 times more capable
    of retaining the sun’s heat than carbon dioxide.

    However, nitrous oxide is not vilified by global
    warming alarmists as is carbon dioxide. The reason for this is that nitrous
    oxide can not be attributed to fossil fuels and is also more difficult to
    measure and tax like carbon dioxide.


    According to the U.S.
    Historical Climatology Network archives, the temperature has warmed only 0.5
    degrees F since the mid-1980s.

    Tossing out corrupted USHCN
    data, there has actually been a net-cooling
    since 1930—during the same period in which atmospheric CO2 has noticeably

    Since 2007, global temperatures
    are engaged in a significant downward spiral, with government data illustrating
    a bit more than a one degree F (0.65 degrees C) drop in temperature between 2007 and 2008 alone.

    • dontdoitagain

      The odd thing is that as I look around, nothing has changed dramatically enough for me to notice in 60 years. We still have the same old storms in the same general areas. We still have rain and/or snow in the winter and sunshine in the summer. The Mohave is still a desert and the forests still thrive where they always did. I don’t understand why anybody would believe this “climate disruption” stuff.

  • ijohnc1

    What say you the democrats of Alaska? you still hanging your hat on this Obama crony?
    We who live here in Alaska, not in a million dollar home in DC, know what it really is like since you signed on with the guy in the whitehouse ‘s cartel, jobs have disappeared, obamacare is killing the small business environment, gas is now over $4.00 a gallon and you sit on your a$$, while they keep cutting the oil producers permits to drill.
    I could give a rat’s patooty about you showing yourself on a snow machine and calling yourself a true Alaskan and watching our economy here at home deteriorate, you screwed the folks in Anchorage when you were the mayor, and you have screwed the people of Alaska since you have become a senator.
    “Obamacare is here to stay, so live with it”…Mark Begich, Town hall meeting August 2013

  • gracentruth

    Thanks, Joe. Keep letting us know what Baggage really votes for in D.C. Those actions speak louder than his current lies. Isaiah 9:10. Peace,

  • hmmathis

    Time for you Alaskans to dump this worthless POS, Begich!

  • Debra Settje

    Well said.


    Climate does change but in the case of the jackass party and the left it means, we want your life and future in our hands and you will contribute what we tell you to keeping us in power and office so that elitism can replace this representative government with a feudal one…..communism 101…