Is Joe Miller Really a Christian?

As I travel across the State of Alaska, people often ask me, “Joe, are you a Christian?” Most people know my conservative principles but they don’t know my heart. So, I want to take the occasion on this Sunday to share a little bit of my story with you that I have shared in small group settings . . .


My car slammed into a tree, crossed a four lane road, and ended up in the middle of the railroad tracks. By all accounts, I should have been dead.

With a massive headache, over 30 years ago as a teenager, I woke up on a hard cot in a cold jail cell, desperately hoping I was dreaming. I thought I could occasionally dance with the devil and not pay for it, but my luck had run out.

I grew up with five sisters and one brother. Although we were poor, I was raised in a loving Christian home. Our father was the pastor of an independent church and we had a stay-at-home mom, focused on raising her family.

In grade school, I had a very visible deformity on my lip from an accident when I was six and was often teased by other children. The continuous ridicule, rejection, and bullying made me feel insecure. Because my parents couldn’t afford health insurance or surgery to take care of my lip, I mowed lawns and did other work to pay for the surgery myself. However, I still felt like I had to compete in order to have self value, and I ended up making some poor choices.

My parents had no idea that I started partying in high school. And then came disaster. The morning that I woke up on the hard cot in the cold jail cell with a massive headache, lonely, and afraid, I could only do one thing: cry out to God. I was flat on my face, broken. I prayed, “Lord, I desperately need you. I cannot live without your presence.” I confessed my sins and gave myself wholly to Jesus Christ. And He revolutionized my life.

From that day on, I have never been the same. The Lord turned the bad into good (Romans 8:28) and I graduated from my high school class of more than 200 as valedictorian. He has blessed me with many other accomplishments. You can read more of what God has done in my life by clicking HERE.

Most importantly, he blessed me with an incredible wife and eight wonderful children and, as of last December, a beautiful grandson!

Am I perfect? Of course not! Have I made mistakes? Absolutely. The most important lesson I learned was after making a mistake, which we all do, is to confess and move on.

As the Apostle Paul said, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.” (1 Tim. 1:15; 1 John 4:8). In other words, Paul was saying “I am not better than you.”

Not only has Christ’s sacrifice on the cross proved sufficient for me, he also helps me every day to deal with unjust attacks and is even helping me to love the people who speak and write them.

So if anyone asks you, “Is Joe Miller really a Christian?” The answer is unequivocally “Yes.” God changed my life! “If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9).

I humbly ask you to pray for me. I am pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, fiscally conservative, and unashamed of my faith in Jesus Christ. I will not waiver in these core beliefs.

If you want to hear my personal testimony, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking HERE.

God’s people must rise up and stand for truth and righteousness in the halls of government, and in the marketplace. Together we can make a difference in our nation . . . we must!


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  • EaglesFlight

    Terrific…….And may God Bless you and your family always

  • Edie_VA

    God bless you, Joe. According to the Apostle Paul, falling down on the road to Damascus was the best thing that ever happened to him.

  • Elegy56

    Awesome testimony Joe. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we’re humble enough to admit our need for Jesus, I know I did.

  • Randy Tucker

    We live in FL but pray God will get you into the Senate from AK. That legislative body needs you. America needs you! May God by His sovereign grace work through your spoken and written words to enlighten and enthuse enough voters to give victory this year!!

  • akprayingmom

    We are proud and honored to support our brother in Christ, Joe Miller for US Senate. Joe Miller is an Ambassador of Christ unequivocally. Joe is unequivocally Pro-Life, knowing we must defend every human life from conception to natural death. Joe stands up unequivocally to protect the traditional family unit and the bedrock that holds families together: traditional marriage. Joe is our champion of American Freedom, unequivocally fighting for liberty at home and abroad, as a veteran in the Golf War, Desert Storm. Joe will work to strengthen American exceptionalism and sovereignty, along with Senator Ted Cruz and United States Senator Mike Lee to defeat amnesty and illegal immigration. Joe believes in and supports American ingenuity, free enterprise, and American business and manufacturing. That is why Joe will work for equitable tax reform and the enactment of the FairTax to enable and empower Americans to keep and utilize 100% of their income as each individual worker and family sees fit. Joe is running for the US Senate because he believes unequivocally, that every American family should be able to live the American Dream with hard work and personal responsibility. Get to know the real Joe Miller that the media and establishment elites don’t want you to know. The establishment elitists such as Joe’s two primary opponents and their power mongers want to continue to enslave American families and chain them to a system that drains them and forces them to bow in obedience to big government’s over reach and burdensome regulation. Joe Miller is fighting for American Freedom, Restoring Liberty to our state and nation. Support and vote for‪#‎JoeForUSSenateAK‬ ‪#‎JoeForLiberty‬ ‪#‎OperationLibertyForce

  • MsLibertarian

    Joe, I am humbled by your sharing of your personal beliefs in Christianity. My personal religious beliefs have given me a compass that affects all of my actions, also. That’s why I agree with most of your positions. Do you feel that the government must FORCE everyone in the U.S. to share your personal beliefs? That is where Liberty hits the fan.

    • kmbold

      Does he “feel” …? It is what he THINKS and ACTS ON that are important. What makes you imply by your non sequitur question that Joe Miller would “FORCE everyone…”? It is the current president and his party that FORCE everyone… I can bet that Joe Miller believes that everyone has the right to be wrong. It is the lawless who undermine our Constitution and religious freedom, not believing Christians.

      • MsLibertarian

        I agree that the current president is forcing (by imperial decree!) laws that curtail our religious freedom. All government is force. Laws are force. My question is will Joe also make laws that curtail freedom? Laws that curtail freedom should be repealed. Jesus was rather lawless himself, and his followers were a minority group. Our Constitution specifies the power of the federal government, and leaves moral decisions to individuals or states.

        • Brama

          Correction: Jesus was NOT lawless. He did not come to abolish the law,but to fulfill it. What Jesus did was to come and reveal the Father. In doing so, he revealed the hypocrisy of the religious leaders of his day, who turned custom into law. So no, Jesus was not lawless, or some champion for liberty in the most liberal way. He stood for the truth, and He said it was the truth that would actually set us free. I would rather be right with The Lord than to be right with the world, government, or what is socially or politically correct. I believe there is a lot of force in the government today that is under the guise of liberty.

          • frawgeyz

            Thank you Brama! Jesus was in no way lawless. You took the words right out of my mouth!
            God Bless you.

    • TLZknows

      MsLibertarian – Joe addresses your concerns if you click the first link he provided where it says. “You can read more of what God has done in my life by clicking HERE.” Read the part the says, Joe’s Faith? The rest is fascinating as well. We have to get behind this man.

  • Mark Brickey

    Thank tou for your outstanding faith & heart. May God continue espanding your story!

  • TheresaAK

    Joe, I know you are a Christian…I supported you last election cycle, I prayed with you, your parents and your other supporters, many times…and I know Justice will be upheld…
    God Bless you and yours…

  • John Richard Myers

    Amen! May The LORD Bless You & Keep You Joe Miller.