Miller on Tea Party Victory in Virginia: ‘We the People’ Put Establishment in Its Place

Photo Credit: waltarrrrr / Creative Commons U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller congratulated Dave Brat on his victory tonight over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th District Republican Primary.

“I want to congratulate Dave Brat on his great victory in Virginia tonight. Those in the Republican Establishment have done all they can this election cycle to announce the demise of the tea party movement with bold predictions of ‘crushing them everywhere.’ Well, maybe they should have checked with the grassroots before making such proclamations,” said Miller. “From Jolly in Florida to Sasse in Nebraska to McDaniel in Mississippi to Brat in Virginia, the tea party is proving that the people and not the party bosses or would-be king-makers in DC have the final say.”

Brat overcame Cantor’s significant monetary advantage and media presence to defeat the GOP Party leader. At the end of the last reporting period in March, Brat had $40,000 on hand to Cantor’s over $2 million. Cantor raised over $5 million for his re-election bid to Brat’s $200,000 in contributions. Cantor’s campaign released a poll last Friday conducted by John McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates, reported on by the Washington Post, showing Cantor with a 34-point lead over his tea party challenger (62 to 28 percent). Brat defeated Cantor by approximately 55 to 46 percent.

In 2010, Miller defeated Senator Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary despite polling by Alaskan firm Dittman Research showing him trailing by 37 points weeks before the election. Murkowski, like Cantor, enjoyed a substantial monetary advantage of $2 million on hand at the end of June to Miller’s $100,000.

Dittman Research recently released a poll (without publishing the supporting data) showing Miller running over twenty points down against his primary opponents. The owner of the research firm is a max contributor to establishment candidate Mead Treadwell. Miller recently defeated Treadwell in a debate in his rival’s hometown of Anchorage, winning the straw poll following the debate. Less than a week before Miller won the Alaska Republican Assembly’s straw poll taking 76 percent of the vote, to Treadwell’s 18 percent, and Dan Sullivan’s 6 percent. Both indicate Miller has strong grassroots support as he did in 2010.

Amnesty and government spending were two of the decisive issues in Virginia’s 7th District primary race. Miller faces two Establishment candidates, Treadwell, who openly advocates for amnesty and Dan Sullivan who is heavily backed by those advocating for it, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and billionaire moderate Republican Paul Singer. Miller was the only candidate to come out publicly against the Murray-Ryan budget deal, when it was being debated last fall.

“The Party elite always play the same game: use unreliable polling and the media to try to convince voters there is no way to defeat their hand-picked candidates. The people are not buying it,” said Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto. “They know Washington is the problem and sending more there who want to play the Establishment game will not restore freedom or revive our economy. Based on what we’ve been seeing here in Alaska, the grassroots have another surprise in store for the Establishment in August.”

  • toomuchsense

    Conservatives need to draw the line. By not supporting any Progressive Republicans.
    The top of the list. JEB BUSH.
    An Obama Care supporter. The big Progressive behind the push to force COMMON CORE on our children.

  • James

    No, this is not a shock. The Republicans have not stopped
    Obama. They have not even tried to impeach him.
    They have allowed Holder to send guns to the Mexicans in an attempt to
    get guns banned. You have allowed Holder to throw away our marriage laws by not
    enforcing the Marriage act all in favor of queers in order to keep the
    democrats in power. You have allowed the courts to force business men to
    violate their religious belief just so some queer can shove his penis up the
    butt of another man. You have allowed the IRS and other Federal agencies target
    conservative groups without one single person being prosecuted. Your big mouth, power hungry business as usual,
    Rhinos like Mitch McConnell say that you will crush the Tea Party. You claim that by running the Tea Party
    candidates we will allow the democrats to be reelected and that we should drop
    the Tea Party people and support you.
    Well supporting you is the same as supporting the stupid ass people we
    have in their now. Why, it is because you are willing to sell your sole for a
    campaign donation. I say the Republican
    Party should drop their old guard politicians and join the T Party. We want our
    country back and we are going to get it one way or another. You can either get
    on board or get the hell out of the way.
    We are not accepting your kind of representation any longer. You were sent to Washington to do what we
    wanted done, not to give you “the easy way by doing whatever you want. We will not allow you to “compromise” away
    our principals and we will not allow you to give away for political gain what
    our men have fought and died for in all our wars. In short we know longer care to hear your Bull
    crap speeches about how much good you are doing. The only good you are
    interested in is the good for you. We
    trusted you and as a result we have allowed the Socialist to take over the Democratic
    Party and you are not far behind because of your refusal to do anything about
    all the Socialist and Communist programs being crammed down our throats. Well, guess what, “we are mad as hell and we
    are not going to take it any longer.” We
    will elect our representatives by what they have done, not what they say they
    will do, because we are still waiting for you to do what you said you would do
    when we voted for you.

  • belmontrose

    Beware of the Write-In…right Joe?

  • gracentruth

    Will Cantor run as a write-in? Is the Virginia vote able to be corrupted as easily as in Alaska? Peace,