Rep. Labrador Jumps in the Race (+video)

Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) said he’s going to win the bid for House majority leader because a lot of lawmakers are switching their votes.

“I am going to win,” Labrador said frankly in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday.

“You know, I’m already getting a lot of calls from people who are telling me that they’re switching their vote, that they’re excited about having a choice in this race, and that they want a different direction for the conference. They want more conservative leadership in the House.”

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  • Silverback

    Where does he stand on amnesty??

  • John McIntyre

    Until Boehnor is replaced so what. There needs to be a vote of no confidence for him just like oops perry got in Ft. Worth on Saturday. The Heritage Foundation has Congressman Gohmert at 95% conservative voting rate and he should be the next Speaker of the House. Call your congressman to demand a vote on Speaker and encourage them to support What Bill?-Gohmert. Obmass hates Gov. Sarah Palin, Senator Ted Cruz, and Louie Gohmert. Make him suffer in the lame duck years and take our Country Back Now. God Bless America and Jesus is Lord! Respectfully; John McIntyre Cass County Texas GoP delegate


    Dump McCarty, he is a Boehner clone and big time amnesty advocate.