Rick Perry: Feds Gobble Up Available Rooms for Illegal Children — Nothing Left for Texans

Photo Credit: Washington Examiner Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that the federal government has taken up every bit of spare available space in his state to house the tens of thousands of illegal children flooding over the U.S. border, leaving him with no rooms for Texans who might be left homeless in a natural disaster like a hurricane.

“Were we to have a major event, I literally would not have places to house our citizens because of this influx from Mexico,” he warned at a media luncheon hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

“I am greatly concerned about the huge catastrophe that could occur with those two events happening simultaneously,” he said of the potential for a hurricane hitting as the federal government continues to embrace illegal youths instead of sending them home.

Federal authorities are housing the youths in hotels and even military bases while they search for relatives to turn them over to.

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