SCOTUS Unanimously Strikes Down Obama’s Executive Overreach for the 11th Time

Photo Credit: APU.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today released the following statement lauding the Supreme Court for protecting privacy rights in the decision Riley v. California.

“I applaud the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to protect the rights of all Americans to be free from warrantless searches of their cell phones,” said Sen. Cruz. “This is the eleventh time since January 2012 that the Supreme Court has unanimously rejected the Obama Administration’s arguments for greater governmental power…”

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  • conworld

    This is an extraordinary victory for U.S. citizens over Obama’s Big Brother government. SCOTUS also curtailed the government’s ability to place individuals on a no fly list without stated reason or recourse. All part of the battle to uphold the Constitution in the face of the tyranny that infuses the Obama White House and federal agencies.

  • raynbene

    But will this have any effect on future XO’s by the lousy dictator-in-chief ? Why, no it won’t ! ! At least the Court made a good ruling, for once . .