Seattle Woman Sees Drone Peeping Into Her Apartment Window

Photo Credit: PIERRE ANDRIEU / AFP / Getty ImagesSeattle Police are investigating a report of a drone peeping into a woman’s apartment window.

Police were called to the downtown Seattle apartment complex on Sunday morning after she spied an unmanned aerial vehicle hovering outside the building. The woman said she was concerned the drone was looking into her apartment.

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  • James

    It will not be long before the internet is awash with photos of people in various stages of nakedness. There is someone out their right now thinking of getting photos and selling them on the internet, either legally or illegally. We all have see in magazines where photos like that were taken with a telephoto lens now they can do it with a drone.

    • MR AR50

      Best solution I can think of for those pesky drones is a 12 guage shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot. Of course, that’s only for those smaller, ‘peeping tom’ type drones. For those bigger, higher flying, better armored drones, I would upgrade to slugs/rifle calibers as needed.

  • Gunz4fun

    Get use to it or be able to shoot it down (use a .22 with a Suppressor and “sub-sonic” ammunition from behind a curtain) A “Ruger 10/22” w/25 round mag comes to mind.

  • Johnny-Freedom

    Would have been ‘just deserts’ if the apartment dweller was a naked 1000 lb woman. Then this punk operator could have been easily picked-up at a nearby hospital, being treated for Temporary Blindness.

  • BostonLiberty

    12 guage rock salt shells? Or go straight for the 00 buckshot…