You Won’t Believe What Groups are Waging War on GOP Conservatives

Photo Credit: APMost Republicans prefer to vote for the most conservative candidates in elections. Lets face it, nobody is inspired by moderation, compromise, and beltway-style politicking.

Yet somehow establishment Republicans continue to get elected.

One of the reasons is their money advantage. Another is the apathy of ignorant voters who perform the “civic duty” they learned about in school by dutifully checking “R” on the ballot box. But most voters are at least mildly interested in where a candidate stands on the issues. They aren’t motivated enough to actually peruse the voting records of incumbents (lets face it, it is a bit complicated), so instead they look towards endorsements for assurance.

The majority of Republicans aren’t tuned into the fine details of politics. They aren’t aware of specific bills and strategic alliances that occupy Washington. What they mostly care about are core issues, such as the economy, gun rights, and abortion. If a candidate, particularly an incumbent, stands with them on those issues, they will support them.

So it is really detrimental to grassroots-backed, constitutional conservatives when groups like the Chamber of Commerce, National Right to Life, and the National Rifle Association throw their weight behind establishment and/or moderate Republicans.

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  • James

    This guy hit it right on the head; however, he left out an important part. We have fallen for the “most people are in favor of” campaigning. This is what the queers are doing. The run a fake poll and claim that the largest percentage of people is in favor or the gays. Then they try to work in that if you are not with this “in” group you are an uneducated unintelligent cave dweller. So people think that they have to accept the decision because it is majority rule democracy. Well it is not true. The people do not support the queers and this is not a majority rule democracy. It is a Representative Republic. That means that the people elected to congress are supposed to represent the ideas and concepts of their voters, not their campaign contributors or family members. The real intelligent person will vote against the queers
    knowing the harm that they will do to the American Family and our freedom of religion and speech.

    • Kent2012

      what you have explained is simply this: low information voters vote for sensationalism and advertising….forget getting educated about a topic or individual that you are electing…

      • Linda

        They also vote for the freebies .

    • Linda

      Jesus died for the queers too. That being said, it is a sin and it is disgusting that they are cramming that garbage down our throats.

      • Tim Mayeaux

        Jesus died for HIS people. HIS bride. Those who “names were found in the Lamb’s book of Life”. The Book written B-4 the foundation of the world (its creation). Only “those” that have found favor with GOD are going to heaven/paradise to learn more & more about their lovely savior. IF you cared nothing about Jesus and Holiness while on earth, do you think HE is going to take you there after you die? Get a REAL bible, they come in proper English today. Pay someone to teach you to read (interpret) and understand English. It’s not to late, you still have breath today.

        • Linda

          Tim, you must have misunderstood what I said. I did NOT say these people are going to heaven, only that they have the same option of repentance as we do. King David was considered a “man after God’s own heart” even though he had a man killed to get his wife. Jesus Blood can make the vilest sinner clean. Paul, who wrote most of the New Testament had consented to the death of many people. God spoke to him on the road to Damascus & Paul surrendered his life to Jesus. There is No sin His Blood cannot cleanse. The ground is level at the foot of the Cross.

    • claims1

      James, my only wish is that I could have expressed my personal feelings about this issue as well as you have. I am so very tired of Obama, and his minions, saying “This is a Democracy; America is a Democratic nation, etc. etc.” Who was it that said” if you repeat a lie often enough, pretty soon it becomes the truth.”? Even some of our elected members of Congress refer to the USA as a Democracy. Not so, not now, not ever, and never has been. Ours is a Representative Republic, and Thank you, James, for speaking up. Semper Fi

      • James

        You are welcome, There are millions of people that feel this way, but they do not know what to do about it. They feel that they are alone mainly due to the queers claiming that if you don’t agree with them you are not intelligent. We need to forward all of this to everyone we know. This is what helped defeat Cantor and almost unbelievable belief, but it happened.

  • onceproudamerican

    Here’s the deal: All ‘big’ groups favor a strong federal government because they get more power from their political donations in spite of the fact that our Constitution created a microscopic federal government. Hence the dissonance between their normative and operative values… Please only vote for folks who will reject all ‘federal; funding at the level of their span of control. Sadly ‘federal’ $$ destroys sovereignty!