After Saying He's Not Interested in Photo-Ops, Obama Concludes Texas Trip with … a Photo-Op

Photo Credit: AP / Jacquelyn MartinPresident Obama ended a visit to the Lone Star State with an impromptu photo-op at Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, rounding out a two-day trip that included numerous speaking engagements, raising millions of dollars for Democratic candidates and complaining loudly about Republican opposition.

The president’s BBQ photo-op comes less than 24 hours after he said during a press conference Wednesday that he would not visit the U.S.-Mexico border because he’s not “interested in photo-ops.”

“Hey guys! I hear the barbecue is pretty good here. Is that true?” Obama said Thursday as he cut directly to the front of the line. “I know this is a long line. I feel real bad, but — I’m gonna cut.”

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  • Texan_at_Heart

    Obama lives for Photo Ops………….

  • Johnny-Freedom

    Everything he does makes me puking sick and soooooo ashamed as an American.

    • douber1

      as soon as i see his face on tv i hurry to change the channel so as not to CONTAMENATE TY TV

      • ldazzle

        Yep. I’m w/ya…as soon as this idiot comes on TV, I change the channel…

        • Barbaree

          Same here! Just heard he’s going on another lavish vacation in Martha’s Vineyard next month! Is that unbelievable???!!!!!!

          • bob machaffy

            hey man campaigning on the tax payers dime is very tiring, so he needs a vacation and time to rest to think up more ways to screw the american public

  • Lawson

    The reason he is having so much fun…all the time, drinking beer, shooting pool, playing golf, and on and on, is because everything he promised, and all his dominions are working for, is working out… all over the country and the world.

  • dogged

    It’s only a “photo-op” when Barack Obama says it’s a photo-op. Apply your doublethink.

  • If Obama is really interested in a solution and not photo ops, he would look in a mirror, identify himself as the problem and resign.