Australian ISIS Jihadist Brags About His Little Boy's Horrific Actions

By Kevin Boyd.

Most of us have seen or read the appalling stories about the atrocities of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. However, a recent story covered by the Daily Mail – and verified by other media outlets – probably takes the cake.

Khaled Sharrouf is a Muslim from Australia who went to Syria to join ISIS and took his sons with him. After a Syrian soldier was beheaded (presumably by Sharrouf or a fellow fighter), he and his seven-year-old son posed with it for pictures:


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Pure Evil: ISIS Is Burying Alive And Crucifying Young Christian Children

By F. Peter Brown.

ISIS is now beheading children and crucifying youths in their genocidal war against Christians, Yazidis, and whomever else is standing in the way of the caliphate.


Read more from this story HERE.

  • disqus_iCgF4UjXVT

    Remember our politicians would not let our drones fire on these ass holes if they were within so many yards of a building for fear of hurting a so called civilian. We cannot bury them in a pig pen, but they can cut off someone’s head and have their children present it. You cannot fight a humane war with barbaric inhumane people.

    • gracentruth

      This is the same problem Israel has with Hamas. Israel tries to fight a humane war with barbaric inhumane people. You are correct. It cannot be done. Peace,

  • mikecnj

    I used to think these freaks were pigs.
    Now, I know they’re monsters.

    • Linda

      Sad to say, there is a pig in our WH.

      • Daninfla6th

        Oink, oink oink, oink-oink, oinkityoink-oink! OINK! Oink, oink and oink!
        Taken from the WH teleprompter.

  • mikecnj

    All standing around clapping and smiling for the camera
    over the crucified body of a Christian.
    May God judge them rightly.

    • Linda

      OH, God Will, no doubt about it & it won’t be with virgins !!
      They will all have to Bow before Jesus Christ , Who was a Jewish Rabbi .Then, you know the rest of the story, Hell !

  • Mark

    A fine example of parenthood. Australia would be foolish to allow this pigsass back in. What strikes me as curious is why our soldiers get court martialed for peeing on the bodies of dead Muslims, yet these animals can parade their atrocities around with impunity.

    • Linda

      Absolutely !! I would like to do more than pee on them. Inject them all with pig blood.

  • mrbp

    Time to exterminate them all. That includes the muslims in the US since I have never seen them demonstrating against ISIS or any other terrorist group. CAIR has been silent as well. Time for all muslims to leave the US, and go live with the animals in the desert.

    • Linda

      I have a much better idea, send them to get their virgins.

  • ldazzle

    He’llprobobly get a free pass to the US.

    • Linda

      Or perhaps even an invite to the White House .

      • bob

        probly works for the whitehouse

  • JJSD

    “I went to Syria and all I got was this lousy head!”

    Actually, we should be giving the Yazidis, Christians, Kurds, et al, GUNS & AMMO, a copy of the US Constitution…and soap!

    • Linda

      We should be taking them out of there and blow the muslims to hell.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    I realize that these are children, but why is their face blocked out so they can’t be identified? What if these little bundles of joy decide to one day approach you while wearing a hidden grenade vest? Wouldn’t you like to be afforded the opportunity to get out of Dodge? I sure know that I do. The children’s father is obviously raising his children to murder people.

  • mikecnj

    If these SICK F/ers are in Australia, believe me, they’re right near you, too.
    Take it from one who lives 1 hours drive from the “black flag” story location of this week.

  • Linda

    Send them to get their virgins ! They are teaching their children hate so they will grow up to be terrorist just like them.