Constitution Party Wins Spot on Alaska's November Ballot

Photo Credit: facebook

Photo Credit: facebook

The Alaska Division of Elections has certified all three Alaska Constitution Party (ACP) candidate petitions to appear on the general election ballot on November 4th. J.R.Myers for Governor, Maria Rensel for Lt. Governor and Pam Goode for State House District 9 will represent the ACP. The Myers/Rensel ticket will face four other teams in the Governor’s Race this fall.

J.R. Myers observed, “It was a great barrier to overcome, but with the people of Alaska, we did it! Altogether, we turned in nearly 9,000 signatures from ordinary Alaskans who decided to give us a chance. Now, let the real campaigns begin!”

Maria Rensel, ACP Lt. Gov. candidate said,”I just want to express my excitement and gratitude to more than 8,750 grassroots Alaskans who signed the petitions. You did it Alaska, great job! I think this is a perfect example of what ordinary people can do when they decide to take matters into their own hands. We’ve expressed our desire to have another choice of political parties in our state.”

Pam Goode, ACP candidate for State House District 9 stated, “The effort and success of achieving this milestone took the quality of a few and the quantity of many but it took all of us Alaskans and constitutionists to make this happen. Well done grassroots!!! For all those that shared in this, you are appreciated more than you know, thank you!

The race for Alaska Governor this year is a qualifying race for the Alaska Constitution Party. Once the Myers/Rensel ticket earns 3% or more of the vote this November, the ACP will become a full-fledged political party in Alaska. It is currently classified as a Political Group. This change in status will bring many additional benefits for ACP members and candidates.

  • gracentruth

    Alaska needs the Constitution Party. Alaska does not need the current RINO-DEMO-marxist party (yes they are one party). AKRA, Libertarian Party and Constitution Party give Alaska voters a choice of great candidates that will stop the bloated wimpy state government we now have. And give voters choices for federal offices that are true liberty minded constitutional conservatives. Peace,

  • John Richard Myers

    The MYERS/RENSEL ticket and the ACP welcome the support of Alaskans, now on November 4 and beyond!

  • Flayer

    Maybe so, but it will certainly split the Republican vote, not the Democrat vote and ensure Democrat success. (Do you see a 3rd party that is openly socialist or environmentalist whacko that would split the Dem Party?) Better they caucus within the Republican Party to provide strong pressure for sensible reforms, make for a better, stronger and winnable GOP. Remember: Losers do not legislate. You might “feel” better, though, voting 3rd party.