Establishment Narrative Dies In Republican Primary For Alaska US Senate Seat

joe-miller-roe-vs-wade-is-threat-1140x641Throughout the primary, pollsters and pundits laughed off Joe Miller’s candidacy as a Quixote run. By summer 2014, the polls showed him 25 points behind his Establishment opponents. And almost all of the high profile national Tea Party and conservative groups pushing insurgent challengers around the country left him for dead, offering no help. Several of the local conservative activist groups maintained a posture of neutrality, acting as virtual subsidiaries of the Republican Party.


There are still more than 27,000 votes to be counted in the Alaska Republican Primary for United States Senate. More than likely, the Establishment candidate, former Attorney General Dan Sullivan, will be the Republican nominee going forward.

The Establishment has claimed victory, and the media has all but declared the reform movement dead. But is that really the take-away? Let’s look at some facts.

Throughout the primary, pollsters and pundits laughed off Joe Miller’s candidacy as a Quixote run. By summer 2014, the polls showed him 25 points behind his Establishment opponents. And almost all of the high profile national Tea Party and conservative groups pushing insurgent challengers around the country left him for dead, offering no help. Several of the local conservative activist groups maintained a posture of neutrality, acting as virtual subsidiaries of the Republican Party.

The Club for Growth, usually a reliable ally of movement conservatives, linked arms with Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, the US Chamber of Commerce, Paul Singer’s Friends for an American Majority, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and other Establishment Republicans in support of their golden boy, Dan Sullivan.

Further, other Washington conservatives like Erick Erickson at and Phyllis Schlafly at Eagle Forum jumped on the bandwagon of the supposedly “more electable” Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell, who finished a distant third.

What makes this spectacle even more outrageous is that Mead Treadwell has never been a movement conservative, though he did adopt a platform redolent with conservative rhetoric.

Dan Sullivan spent about four million dollars during the primary, and his SuperPACs spent millions more.

Joe Miller, essentially going it alone, spent less than $400K, while Mead Treadwell’s million-dollar plus conservative act cut a significant swath out of his base. Why? Because conservatives didn’t unite behind Miller. Yet, the Alaska Republican primary was still winnable.

The entry of Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and James Dobson gave Miller a significant boost. But it was just too late in the game to be decisive. Miller had run out of money and couldn’t close the gap.

The takeaway is something very different than the media and the beltway consultant class would have you believe. The truth is, 60% of Republicans weren’t swayed by the multimillion-dollar Establishment media blitz put on by Sullivan, Rove, and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Nor were they particularly enamored with Sullivan’s faux conservative schtick, a rhetorical tactic adopted by all the high-profile Establishment candidates around the country this cycle. If rhetoric counts, the Tea Party has already won.

The Alaska Republican primary was always going to come down to how the electorate was divided. If there was a clearly defined conservative up against two moderates, the conservative would win. On the other hand, if it was two conservatives dividing the base, over against one moderate, the moderate would win.

The reticence of the conservative movement to coalesce behind Miller cost us a seat to the Establishment. And given Sullivan’s rather weak position both with conservatives and libertarian independents, it could end in the re-election of Democrat Mark Begich. Surely Harry Reid and Barack Obama are applauding in the shadows.

But the demise of the reform movement is greatly exaggerated. It is time for conservatives to stop being cowed by pragmatic arguments and partisan politics. We must unite behind conservative candidates and ideas. And for the love of all that’s good, stop allowing phony polls to drive the agenda. Let’s put conservative unity above Republican unity. If we do, the future is ours.

The outcome in Alaska should lay the official establishment media narrative to rest. Conservatives didn’t lose; they surrendered.

If the right lessons are taken from this temporary setback, 2016 can be a banner year for conservatives.

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  • Bob2002

    I do not agree with this article at all. The Establishment clearly won this election; overwhelmingly. While it might be a good idea to see some good things come from the Alaska Republican Primary, this article was way to opportunistic for me. Miller lost another run at election in Alaska is what I derived from this election. Yes, another (so called) conservative ran against Miller and we know what happens when two conservatives run against a moderate; the moderate always wins because the votes get split. Karl Rove needs to just go away because he is causing the Republican Party to put up moderates against the Democrat’s moderate. Since there are more Democrat registered voters than Republicans, which one usually wins? We need to give the voters a clear choice.

    • akprayingmom


      The article is saying “If the right lessons are taken from this temporary setback, 2016 can be a banner year for conservatives.” That is when the narrative dies. Sure hope conservatives take this to heart, otherwise we will all continue to be held hostage by the establishment elites.

    • makeitmyday2day

      I agree with Bob2002. I find it distressing when those within the Republican Party continually try to divide the party – like most of you support. We’re going to lose time and again if we don’t unite and defeat the Dems! When you’re in a close race (D vs R) and the majority of voters are dems., you’re only going to sway some of them away by NOT appearing as far-right, fear-mongering fools. Sorry, but that’s the reality and I hope you’ll wake up before it’s too late.

    • Jack

      Well, Bob2002, you don’t agree with the article because of your ignorance of what really happened. Joe was the only conservative in the race. The Establishment ran a Karl Rove man against a faux-Conservative designed to do one thing: split the vote. He almost failed, as only 8000 votes separated Miller from Rove’s boy. If more Alaskans would have looked at

  • akprayingmom

    The ARP and establishment elites have been holding conservatives hostage and coercing them with guilt and fear mongering long enough. THAT is dictatorship and I am done with it!!
    Just having an “R” behind his name is not enough reason to vote for Sullivan. Sullivan refused to talk with a 14 year old boy about his views on life. In fact, Sullivan turned and RAN to avoid talking with a 14 year old boy. Then an adult came and asked why and Sullivan said “I’m just campaigning.”
    That is the problem. Both Begich and Sullivan “just campaign.” Sullivan has strong support for Murkowski who is one of the most radical abortion extremists in office. Sullivan is also an internationalist who wants to give our American sovereignty way to the UN. I guess that’s okay since he doesn’t protect human life anyway right?
    No thanks, the difference of just having an “R” versus a “D” is not enough to violate the core principles the LORD God Amighty has instilled in my very being by voting for Sullivan.
    If having a 14 year old boy with a camera following him around unnerves Sullivan, he won’t last one day in DC,

  • gracentruth

    I say that the election is not over until all the votes are counted. I am still praying that Joe Miller will win this primary. No matter what happens, I will vote for Joe Miller in November – mark the circle or write in. Peace,

    • akprayingmom

      Joe Miller will NOT be instigating a write-in campaign because Joe is a man of his word. But that can’t stop us from doing the right thing.

      Voting for Sullivan will not get rid of Begich. All voting for Sullivan will do is entrench the corrupt ARP establishment elites further. We must dump Ruedrich and his minions and take back the Republican name as the Grand Ol’ Party which stands for Life, Liberty, and limited governnment for, of and by the people.Therefore, if Joe Miller is not on the ballot in November, I will be writing Joe Miller in.

      I support Joe Miller because of who he is, not because of which political party he is affiliated with. I do NOT support a candidate because of which party their are registered with. I only support candidates that I can agree with because they support with actions and their lives—not just words—the core values that are the foundation of life.
      I am a registered Republican but I do NOT support the ARP shennanigans and I call them out for them, but that doesn’t mean the party platform is bad.
      Sullivan “is just campaigning” and he says, “you know where he stands on [abortion]”
      Yep we do. Sullivan SAYS he is prolife but really he refuses to defend the most defenseless.. That is shameful in my opinion. And for those who will be supporting him just because he has an “R” after his name, that kind of voting will never change the status quo for the better. In fact it will get worse and worse just like inbreeding make the negative traits get more prominent and stronger. The LORD will not bless that and I doubt Sullivan will win. I will not compromise my faith and values to support him just for the faint hope on beating Begich.

  • Dave Combs

    I see it like this, the Establishment wishes to maintain their power in order to continue the status quo. However, we are in a very dangerous place which the Establishment ignores and the Democrat promotes. TEA Party types run and are defeated mostly but they are still being elected little by little. It may help to change the course of US. It is the fault of the “fat, dumb and happy Low Information Voter” too busy to learn the issues and follow them. It’s amazing, never has America been more unemployed and lost so much personal worth as in this Obama era, but the Low Information Voter remains uninvolved and the Liberal supporter is unconcerned.

    Is it only a matter of time?

  • greatjoy

    The war needs to be fought IN the Republican Party.
    Become a PCP, attend meetings, become organized as the
    Republican Party by becoming the Republican Party. A party
    is only a reflection of the people who show up at meetings
    and vote. You have to have been a Republican for 180 days
    before you can join as a PCP and have the power to vote.
    You have to get elected by the people of your precinct.
    The people who control the Republican Party are those who
    show up. Then you have to represent your ideas inside
    the party and be true to your word. Stand for life and marriage
    between one man and one woman. READ THE FIRST REPUBLICAN
    PARTY PLATFORM!!! Join the fight over the current platform.
    Become a delegate. Splitting the vote is something anybody can
    do to you–Karl Rove doesn’t hold all the power. Democrats can join the Republican primary by signing up and deceiving the electorate.
    Anybody can join the primary. Elections will always have those running who want to destroy liberty. We just need to become active
    in the election process, AND also in the governing of ourselves.
    We need to continually communicate with people about issues.
    Our public library has a free speech zone and we should use
    to attract people and talk to them. We have to use signs that will attract people to stop and take us seriously. 60,000 people go in and out of the public library in Salem each year. Make libraries your “educate the people” project. Library free speech zones are
    our last bastion of free speech.
    Two of my signs that have attracted people to stop and talk have been, “Other eugenicists have risen to power besides Hitler” then lists of eugenicists–Margaret Sanger (and her Negro Project), Obama, Pelosi, Al Gore, etc etc. In general people are not aware of what a eugenicist is. They believe Hitler did what he did because he was a Christian. Huge knowledge gap at best.
    Second sign–Eugenicists housed a black man in ape house of Bronx Zoo to prove evolution “missing link.” HOAX of 1904. People are too propagandized to intelligently discuss the current hoax done by the eugenicists–global warming–but they are interested in one of the past hoaxes. Then they stop to talk.
    Evolution story is
    full of hoaxes, done by known eugenicists. Darwin’s family started
    the Eugenics Society. The communist movement draws its strength from eugenic thought.

    • makeitmyday2day

      God created evolution.

  • greatjoy

    We need to stop whining about people who will fight us, and just grow the movement. Nobody else had power handed to them, and we won’t either. We have to get in and fight the good fight. Christians of 100 years ago used to sing all sorts of battle songs. Today’s Christians are more tuned in to singing Kumbaya. We need to stand up and fight the fight and know that we are serving the Lord Jesus in the marketplace. Live with the knowledge of who you are actually at war with–the master of deceit–Satan–the one that inspires all rebellion
    to what God wants to do through us. Pray every day. Seek God’s favor. Be true to Him.

    • makeitmyday2day

      ??? So you see it as a problem because today’s Christians prefer peace over war? That explains why I stopped going to church years ago! I’m conservative, believe in God and keeping Him ‘front and center’. But some people are too over-the-top and that’s what scares people away – and provides the fodder for the Dems. to attack. “greatjoy”, you’re too extreme and I’ll pray for you. To believe we need to constantly be at war – I seriously doubt that’s what God wants us to do.