‘That Face!’ Rep. Don Young Allegedly Strong-Arms House Staffer

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  • SteveMacko


    • allencooper985

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    • FlyinyTiger

      Page saw the camera on and started crying like a futbol player trying for an Oscar or a golden globe award. Pussy and a dork. Ya I said it. The staffer should have got the finger like Barbara Box did for trying to meddle in Alaska’s affairs. It’s just the way a Young Man points.

  • Dempsey Coleman

    The Democrat’s Just Do Not Understand Republican Only Meeting!
    They Only Know what it means for Democrat Locked Door Keep
    Out You Dumb Ass Republican.

  • Akjustice

    Nicely executed hand graple Don; that pinhead staffer never saw it coming.

  • gracentruth

    Time for Don Young to go – he is making all of Alaska a laughing stock by keeping him in office. We do not want a clown who is MIA many times, and when in the house, makes faces, and votes as he is told by Boehner. Please consider voting for John Cox. Peace,