Greg Anderson on AK Senator Debate

0 (88)I just watched the July 15th Alaska Republican U.S. senate debate that was in Homer.

I am still a firm Joe miller supporter.

As a middle aged guy who has some life experience, I listen to my gut as I listen to words.

My gut says, and this is just my impression from seeing one debate:

Dan Sullivan is probably an effective administrator and skilled executive type. I believe he has good experience working in government, and can effectively play the game. I think that he would be able to work in the political arena and get things done, but what things? His dedication to the constitution and founding principals did not come across as an overriding mindset. At first glance it seems as though he would be another luke warm politician willing to play the game of compromise. —–More of the same, but certainly better than Begich.

Mead Treadwell also said what is probably compulsory rhetoric in this election, about standing against government overreach etc. But again these came across as an “also ran” philosophy. Oddly considering his disdain for outside control, he supports the law of the sea treaty. He touts economic benefits to justify the forfeiture of our sovereignty, passing off control to some far off and unfriendly unelected central authority. This is the short sightedness we need to be rid of. —–More of the same, but certainly better than Begich.

Joe Miller by contrast seems to have the constitution and founding principles as core beliefs. The anchor that his positions are tethered to. Joe seems willing to win or lose standing on those principles (as evidenced by the 2010 campaign). Joe is not a perfect human. Joe is not a polished politician. I like that he is not a polished politician though.—-Unique willingness to take stands both constitutionally and fiscally. We need more like him.

We as Americans are at a crossroads. Do we deliberately steer right and adhere to what made us a nation and a people? Or do we just lazily keep on keepin on, electing more of the same who will gently and comfortably compromise us further into fundamental transformation? Do we send (and re-send) politicians who promise us free stuff, or short-term economic benefits for our state while dismantling who we are and thus ruining our future well being?

There are times of specific need in which we seek out leaders with specific skills or traits to meet those needs, and right now is no exception. Right here right now, at this critical crossroads in American history, I think we need to elect leaders with an authentic constitutional conservative core as their foremost trait. To me, that appears to be Joe Miller.

Go Joe!

  • Akjustice

    Greg has done great job in summing up the differances between the candidates.

    I might add that both Mead and Sullivan are ‘ho hum’ politicians while Joe is definately the ‘fire cracker’ in the bunch.

    My vote is for Joe; “It’s Miller Time Folks”.

    • allencooper985

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  • gracentruth

    Greg, good job. I would contend that neither Mead or Dan can win over Begich. They are too much the same (just as Romney and the white kenyan). Joe Miller is the only constitutional conservative running in the Republican primary in Alaska. If we finally have an honest election, Joe wins – and also wins in November. Alaska has a chance of sending a real American to D.C. who will work for “we the people”. A first in our history as a state. Peace,

  • ijohnc1

    The Law of the sea treaty gives the United Nations the power tax all natural resources taken from our oceans, with them having control of the Sea panel the USA only gets one vote and must abide by the decision.
    With our own government being so corrupt one can only imagine how it would be with the United nation calling the shots.
    We Alaskans need to be reminded Alaska has more coastal shore line than the rest of the united states combined , therefore we need to elect someone who believes in our own autonomy, and the only one out of those running including senator Begich that does not support the LOST
    Law Of Sea Treaty of the United Nation is Joe Miller.
    When you think LOST think Alaska Salmon going away.