Miller Slams Obama's Unconstitutional Decision to 'Act Alone' on Border/Immigration Crisis and Use of Taxpayer Dollars to Fly Illegals to Alaska

10438981_866143176730895_688184825868931881_nToday, Joe Miller denounced President Obama’s plan to “Act alone” to address the nation’s border crisis, as yet another lawless act by a lawless administration. He also called out the President for using taxpayer dollars to fly illegals from the U.S.-Mexican border to Alaska and destinations throughout the United States.

“We are a nation of laws, and once again President Obama somehow believes he is above the law. He must be held to account,” said Miller. “The fact that this President finds it inconvenient to work with Congress, as the Constitution provides, does not mean that he has the authority to rule like a dictator. Now the media is reporting the Administration is flying illegal immigrants from Texas to Alaska on the taxpayer dime. Outrageous!”

Miller concluded, “The President swore an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land and to protect and to defend the Constitution. He is not keeping his oath. The only remedy left to the people is to impeach him.”

  • Kent2012

    why should kenyan boy follow the constitution or the rules governing the three distinct parts of our government ? He has the support of the democrats and the news media as well as the communists and rag head terrorists all over the world….the african pretender does not need the approval of Real Americans…….

    • dontdoitagain

      Plus he is making “real” Americans out of illegal immigrants with the gang banger mentality. If he gets enough of them in here then he WILL have the approval of “real” Americans. The rest of us will mean even less to him.

  • shunts

    this a$$hole is even flying them to Hawaii.. are you kidding me… if he can do that why can’t he put them on a plane and fly them back to their parents…when they line up to go to school just file them out to a plane and fly them back to Honduras.. let them find out who they are and where they should be..or where ever who cares where they go.. as long as they go…

  • Disgusted

    No wonder the that the “Illegal living in the WH” supports all these other illegals. We need to send them ALL back to where they came from.

  • gracentruth

    When are the illegal aliens supposed to be headed for Alaska? Peace,

  • kh

    It’s a long term plan, voting scam, that will change red states to blue states. . .If, the government ships illegals to swing states or red states at some point the voting landscape will change. The idea of amnesty is already out there. . .

    Even a community organizer with the right job can change the free world

  • Steve

    Ak can fix this by limiting welfare and fund payments to resident citizens only, all foreigners excluded.