Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Mothers Must Nurse their Children on Hatred (+video)

0 (89)If you want to understand the Islamic totalitarian and jihadist mentality, it’s best to simply allow them to express themselves in their own words. Hat tip to Itamar Marcus over at the Palestine Media Watch for bringing us the infamous leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait, Tareq Al-Suwaidan. This video aired on Al Aqsa TV (Hamas) this past Friday, August 1st.

You see, that is the Muslim holy day and this is their version of “tele-evangelism” — and the Left finds Pastor Hagee out of San Antonio Texas reprehensible and wants to shut him down. Do any of you think the Freedom from Religion Foundation would have the IRS crack down on a sermon like this?

So, quite simply, how does one fight against an enemy that embraces death? Well, it is simple: grant them their wish. Because yes, we in the West — especially Israel and America, do see life as precious — well, perhaps not these radical abortionist Leftists — and we will fight to preserve life.

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  • 1_Eddie_1

    Yes, the religion of peace and tolerance. These are the moderates, practicing as the Koran is written, the later verses supercede the older verses. The later verses are the radical verses.

    • parker6135

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  • plusaf

    And when faced with examples like that one, there are still some people who think the Israelis are the Bad Guys? What kind of warped mind can come to that kind of conclusion?!
    Oh, right… 1400 years of inbreeding. I forgot.