U.S. Releases Anti-ISIS Video: ‘Welcome to the Islamic State Land’

By Q13 Fox News Staff.

The graphic mock ISIS recruitment video starts with a simple phrase: Run. Do not walk to ISIS land.

Then a body is thrown off a cliff.

Later a mosque is blown up, followed by a photo of a body with a severed head.

Complete with crucifixions, Muslims being whipped, shot in the head at point-blank range and thrown into ditches, the grisly video is the latest State Department effort to push back against ISIS recruiting efforts by highlighting the group’s barbaric nature.

The video, which uses the group’s own propaganda footage posted online, illustrates ISIS actions by advertising so-called “useful skills” ISIS sympathizers can learn if they join the group: blowing up mosques with Muslims inside, crucifying and executing Muslims and plundering public resources.

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Fiery Social Media Campaign Takes Off That is Sure To ‘Burn’ the ISIS Terrorist State

By Justen Charters.

In response to the extreme brutality of the Islamic State, a group of Lebanese teens has created a social media campaign called the #BurnISISFlagChallenge.

The challenge started with a YouTube video of one of the teens boldly displaying a piece of paper with the ISIS flag on it and then setting it aflame.

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  • disqus_iCgF4UjXVT

    Dose Obama think this video will show those terrorist. Hell what I seen is more likely to have people join them. Just another proof that Obama is completely incompetent.

  • raynbene

    Is this like when Romney said something about illegal aliens in the US should ‘self deport’ ?? I think it’s about the same thing, except it will have the same effect as Romney’s suggestion – nothing . . .

  • Kent2012

    we need more of this, much better production though..that way we can get all the raging clowns in one spot…cuts down on the expense of extermination of these islamy rats…