WHOA! Rick Perry Has Tough Words for Radical Islam

Texas Governor Rick Perry is already a conservative superstar and is a likely 2016 Presidential candidate. But at a private meeting with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in London, Perry explained his foreign policy positions and just how serious the radical Islam threat is.

In addition, he described how dangerous the creeping “Islamification” of Britain is. He called for moral clarity in this ongoing global battle against terrorism.

Speaking on the dangers of radical Islam, Governor Perry chose not to follow the form of U.S. President Barack Obama or UK Prime Minister David Cameron by insisting that Islamic terrorists are “not Muslim,” a convenient dodge recently described as a “reassuring assertion, and one that almost everyone, including the vast majority of Muslims, would desperately like to believe”, but ultimately “wishful thinking.”

Instead, Perry asserted the moralistic strength of Western culture, and that of ISIS a “falsehood”: “Their twisted version of Islam amounts to a creed of human cruelty – pure sadism, and nothing more.”

He pulled no punches when describing in graphic detail the ISIS advance: “The enslavement, the beheadings, the crucifixions, the mass executions, the forced conversions. And all of this, of course, by men who tell themselves they are doing God’s work on this earth.” Criticising those who assert “quite plainly, that the Middle East is ultimately no concern of ours” Perry opposed moral relativism in the face of the barbarity of the Islamic State: “we have every right to judge, and every reason to act.”

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