WATCH: Veteran Confronts Man Wearing A ‘Fake’ Army Ranger Uniform At The Mall

Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

A man dressed up in a “fake” Army Ranger uniform who was shopping in a Pennsylvania mall on Black Friday got more than he bargained for when an actual veteran confronted him in the middle of the shopping center.

The painful exchange was caught on video and occurred at the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, Penn.

In the video, Ryan Berk, a former Infantryman from Easy Company, 2/506 Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, calls over the uniformed man, who is wearing a nameplate that reads “Yetman.”

“Hey sir, my son would like to meet you,” says Berk, using the introduction as a ploy to confront Yetman. “He really admires guys in the Army.”

Yetman introduces himself as Sean.

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  • Wm Reed

    Was it really established that he was not military?

    • TJL

      As far as I could tell there was no confirmation as to his actual military service involvement.
      However, I’m not sure that it really matters or that it is the point here. It is more about his pretense. His “uniform” and his own statements made him out to be someone he isn’t.
      That is an important matter, not just with military but also with police. It is a crime, and for more reasons than just Stolen Valor.
      I spent over 15 years in the uniform he was trying to imitate. The word “uniform” means more than just an “outfit”. There are reasons for everything on a uniform, and there are specific places for those things on the uniform.
      In order to be “uniform”, all things must be the same for the sake of order and discipline.
      If this imposter was real, he would be considered “out of uniform” because of the placement of things on his uniform, and any officer of NCO would have to call him out on it, that’s their duty.
      However, NO ONE who has ever won those wings or the badge, or the rank of SSgt, or a combat patch would ever put together a uniform in that manner.
      Too many years of training and hardship went into the development of a person and his uniform for him not to know what goes where and what has to be worn… always.
      So, while the article doesn’t make the point clear of his association with the military, or lack of it, his own appearance and words condemn him for wearing insignias that he has NEVER earned.
      A great deal of training goes into just becoming an NCO, which his uniform purports him to be. NCO’s have to not only know their own uniform, but they also have the daily task of inspecting the uniforms of their troops. If he is a SSgt, he’s been an NCO for a number of years and has had a great deal of dress and drill experience.
      If this guy is in a military branch of service, he isn’t an NCO, he isn’t, nor has he ever been, in any of our special forces, and he isn’t even fit enough to run to the nearest McDonalds for another milkshake and fries.
      My brother in arms dressed that fraud down properly. We worked our a$$es off to earn what we wore, and we didn’t go to the stores wearing our uniforms to get discounts, nor did we ever wear our uniform for benefits or privileges.
      We earned and wore our uniform because we are patriots, the last of a dying breed.
      Also, when a uniform is worn in public there are many things involved.
      One, of course, is the pride and honor of the unit and the military as a whole is on display.
      However, there is another important thing that happens, the uniformed person is trusted and often relied upon in emergency situations, by citizens and civil authority.
      Military personnel have a sworn duty to protect and defend. They are often trained well to do so, and many civilian officials will look to them for assistance, assuming they are what their uniform represents them to be.
      The man is a fraud, whether he is military or not, either way, he is a disgrace.

      • Matt VanCamp

        Agreed, and very well said.

  • 29mojo66

    Ever get caught jacking off? this guy didnt miss a beat, how embarrassing, not for him but me for listening to this.