‘Beyond Science’: Doctor Says She Visited Heaven in Near Death Experience, What She Learned Haunted Her for Years [+video]

Dr. Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon who describes herself as a “concrete thinker” who isn’t “fanciful” and doesn’t exaggerate, spent a long time trying to explain a seemingly inexplicable event that unfolded back in 1999 following a near-death experience.

After almost drowning during a kayaking accident while on a trip to Chile — and supposedly going without oxygen for 24 minutes — Neal remarkably survived without sustaining any brain damage.

And as if that weren’t miraculous enough, she claims that she visited heaven, interacted with spirits and was warned about her son’s death 10 years before it happened — an experience that left her confused and in awe.

When Neal recovered from her traumatic accident, she said that she found herself on a journey seeking answers, wondering whether she had imagined the entire heavenly ordeal.

“I really needed to figure out what I had experienced. I have gone through the process of coming up with alternative explanations,” the doctor told OWN TV’s “In Deep Shift,” noting that she considered the possibility of dreams and hallucinations. “We always want to find an explanation that we can understand other than something that is divine. I am a very concrete thinker. I’m not fanciful. I don’t exaggerate.” (Read more about the near death experience HERE)

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  • JosephinaAngelina

    Seems to be one of the more credible of such experiences, as she encountered spirits, not bodies. As I understand it, we receive our resurrected bodies at the last day. Also seemed like she learned valuable lessons for herself and us. Do we truly “pray without ceasing”, “be joyful always”, and “give thanks in all things?” What a wonderful blessing and testimony to the world we would be if we did. Nevertheless, I’ll take it ”under advisement” and rely on scripture for the last word.

  • Happy Chappy

    So this Dr has predicted the future but insists she suffered no brain damage, when other mortals would have. It’s not as if some Dr’s like to feel God like, so must be true.

  • SF soldier

    Makes me happy that I speak with HIM every day, I am more sure now that HE is hearing me, although I never doubted it before. Just gives me a good feeling! This is just one more way HE is telling us HE is there. Thank you FATHER.