Miracle: Mother’s Prayer Brings Boy Back to Life After Being Pronounced Dead for 45 Minutes (+video)

Photo Credit: King5By Kay Quinn. “He was dead for 45 minutes.”

That’s what the doctor who treated 14-year-old John Smith said after paramedics rescued the teen who spent 15 minutes submerged in an icy lake.

Dr. Kent Sutterer and his team performed CPR on John for 27 minutes with no success. The question was raised: how long should they continue?

His mother then came into the room and started praying loudly.

What happened next, defies explanation.

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Missouri Teen Who Came Back to Life After Being Pronounced Dead Makes Miraculous Recovery

By Kay Quinn. A 14-year-old St. Charles boy who spent 15 minutes under water after falling through the ice of Lake Ste. Louise has made a recovery no one can explain . . .

Eighth grader John Smith, who was underwater for 15 minutes, is doing something doctors never believed would be possible . . .

He is walking and talking, here with his pastor Jason Noble by his side, and trying to make sense of how he’s not just alive, but thriving.

“After listening to what the paramedics and doctors said I’m pretty surprised at the outcome,” said John.

It’s an outcome, some say, that fits with all of the other miracles that day and in the days that followed. (Read more from this story HERE)

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