Rand Paul 2016 Announcement Date: Senator Eyeing April 7 To Launch Presidential Campaign

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul is expected to announce plans to join the party’s 2016 presidential field on April 7, multiple sources inside Paul’s camp told MSNBC on Tuesday. The announcement, scheduled to take place in Louisville, Kentucky, will serve as the official campaign launch for Paul, who has spent months traveling to early voting states to assess whether his largely libertarian message will catch fire with the party’s conservative base.

“This will be an official announcement, not an exploratory committee,” said a source close to Paul who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss his plans. “Everything will happen pretty quickly over the next couple of weeks,” another source close to Paul told msnbc.

Doug Stafford, executive director at RandPAC, Paul’s political action committee, had no comment.

Paul is set to travel to the four major early voting states immediately after the announcement, aides said. He will host events in Milford, New Hampshire, April 8; Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina on April 9; Iowa City, Iowa on April 10; and Las Vegas, Nevada on April 11.

Paul, a 52-year old ophthalmologist, is the son of Ron Paul, the well-known Texas libertarian congressman who sought the presidency three times, in 1988, 2008 and 2012. The younger Paul has worked to reassemble his father’s passionate supporter base while also extending his reach into more traditional Republican audiences. Rand Paul has also courted voters not traditionally allied with the GOP, including young people and African-Americans. He recently joined Democrats including Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Cory Booker of New Jersey to introduce legislation loosening federal restrictions on the use of medicinal marijuana. (Read more from “Rand Paul 2016 Announcement Date: Senator Eyeing April 7 To Launch Presidential Campaign” HERE)

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  • akprayingmom

    No thanks to Rand Paul for president. Rand Paul is a sellout traitor to the conservatives he portends to represent. Paul’s strong unwavering support and endorsement of RINO kingpin Mitch McConnell should be a prominent RED flag to any true limited government conservative. Paul joined McConnell in stating that defunding and repealing Obamacare was not a priority. Rand Paul is also soft on illegal immigration, dreamers, and the right to life, even while he says he supports life at conception.

    Americans need a true Champion Patriot Warrior. American conservatives are looking for a man of sagacious courage and stalwart perseverance to go against conventional thinking. We need a true man of valor who is willing to fight against all odds in seemingly impossible battles to defend truth and righteousness without compromise. That man is Ted Cruz.

    Senator Ted Cruz has demonstrated time and time again that he has the integrity, determination, fortitude, and courageous ability to stand up in the face of adversity, willing to get bruised up and bloodied by vociferous attacks and diatribe and still fight to win the battles for the American People and our freedom, with honesty and honor. Ted Cruz has true unparalleled presidential stature. Ted Cruz has the highest caliber of moral character, integrity, graciousness without compromising core values, knowledge, and experience of constitutional rule of law, second to none.

    Ted Cruz could be even greater than Ronald Reagan if he stays true to the Sovereign LORD God Almighty and doesn’t cave under pressure from Obama, McConnell and the rest of the crooks in DC.

    I pray for Ted Cruz to run for president in 2016 if the Sovereign LORD God Almighty calls him too! #CruzCrew #Cruz2016 #MakeDCListen
    Text the word #Constitution to 33733 to join the grassroots effort.