Ted Cruz: I’m Running for President [+video]

TCCBy Hunter Walker. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) launched his presidential campaign shortly after midnight on Monday with a brief message and video he posted on Twitter.

“I’m running for President and I hope to earn your support!” Cruz wrote in his tweet.

[Hear what Sen. Ted Cruz’s father has to say about his son’s run in this exclusive interview:]

Cruz has long been expected to throw his hat into the presidential race. His announcement made him the first major candidate to officially begin a campaign.

Cruz’s 30-second video features shots of nature, people riding motorcycles through the desert, children playing baseball and reciting the pledge of allegiance, multiple American flags, and a church. It closes with a shot of Cruz waving. (Read more from “Ted Cruz: I’m Running for President” HERE)


Ted Cruz Plans to Announce Official Presidential Bid Later Today

By Theodore Schleifer. Sen. Ted Cruz plans to announce [later today] that he will run for president of the United States, according to his senior advisers, accelerating his already rapid three-year rise from a tea party insurgent in Texas into a divisive political force in Washington.

Cruz, scheduled to speak Monday at a convocation ceremony at Liberty University in Virginia, will not form an exploratory committee but rather launch a presidential bid outright, said advisers with direct knowledge of his plans, who spoke on condition of anonymity because an official announcement had not been made yet. They say he is done exploring and is now ready to become the first Republican presidential candidate.

Over the course of the primary campaign, Cruz will aim to raise between $40 million and $50 million, according to advisers, and dominate with the same tea party voters who supported his underdog senate campaign in 2012. But the key to victory, Cruz advisers believe, is to be the second choice of enough voters in the party’s libertarian and social conservative wings to cobble together a coalition to defeat the chosen candidate of the Republican establishment.

The firebrand Texan may have few Senate colleagues who will back his White House bid, but his appeal to his party’s base who vote disproportionately in Republican primaries could make him competitive in Iowa and beyond.

Yet critics of Cruz argue that he will have trouble raising high-dollar donations from traditional contributors, will land few endorsements from the nation’s political establishment and be unable to escape comparisons to President Barack Obama, who also ran for president in his first Senate term. And if he advances to a general election, Cruz trails likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton solidly in early public opinion polls. (Read more from “Ted Cruz to Announce 2016 Presidential Bid on Monday” HERE)

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  • Bill Meeker

    I would think Ted Cruz would need the support of his constituents first and after contributing to his campaign and voting for him, he’s lost my support. If he can’t run a Senator’s office efficiently and take care of legitimate problems of constituents, I’m not sure how he plans to run the country. He’s a neat guy and I like his values and positions on issues, but he lacks management skills.

  • akprayingmom

    Americans need a true Champion Patriot Warrior. American conservatives are looking for a man of sagacious courage and stalwart perseverance to go against conventional thinking. We need a true man of valor who is willing to fight against all odds in seemingly impossible battles to defend truth and righteousness without compromise. That man is Ted Cruz.

    Senator Ted Cruz has demonstrated time and time again that he has the integrity, determination, fortitude, and courageous ability to stand up in the face of adversity, willing to get bruised up and bloodied by vociferous attacks and diatribe and still fight to win the battles for the American People and our freedom, with honesty and honor. Ted Cruz has true unparalleled presidential stature. Ted Cruz has the highest caliber of moral character, integrity, graciousness without compromising core values, knowledge, and experience of constitutional rule of law, second to none.

    Ted Cruz could be greater than Ronald Reagan if he stays true to the Sovereign LORD God Almighty and doesn’t cave under pressure from Obama, McConnell and the rest of the crooks in DC. I pray for Ted Cruz and his run for president in 2016 as the Sovereign LORD God Almighty calls him to! #CruzCrew #Cruz2016 #MakeDCListen

  • v steve

    The Republican establishment is running from the Cruz eligibility question just as it’s run from the Marco Rubio and Barack Obama eligibility questions.

    TED CRUZ, born in Canada to a mother who was an American citizen but a father who was a Cuban citizen. His father did not become a naturalized American citizen until 2005. So as the son of only one U.S. citizen and as one born outside the United States, Cruz is not Constitutionally eligible to serve as President. Cruz`s allegiance and alliance lies with Canada and Cuba.

    We do not need another Obama as President.