White House Task Force Wants Obama to Change “Thanksgiving” to “Celebrate Immigrants Day” via Executive Order

Susan Payne, a Maryland political activist who was interviewed on the Mark Levin Show last week, called into The Joe Miller Show yesterday and provided even more details on what a White House task force is planning with respect to illegals in this country.

She explained that not only did members of the task force make it clear that their efforts are designed to provide as much money and benefits to illegals as possible, they were also trying to expand ways to induce illegals to come to the United States. With respect to those who receive executive amnesty, Ms. Payne said the focus was “navigate [the benefits], not assimilate.”

But the most shocking revelation was that members of the task force want to see Thanksgiving be changed by Obama’s executive order to “Celebrate Immigrants Day.” Ms. Payne said she was “stunned” by the “audacity” and “insidious nature” of the Obama’s administration.

Listen to the interview here:

Ms. Payne also noted that the Obama administration is now allowing illegal aliens to claim “refugee status” for their family members who are presently residing in their home countries.

Finally, Ms. Payne stated that a group called the International Network for Public Schools is taking public school funding and creating public schools for immigrant children only. Such schools would likely violate the federal law under Brown vs. Board of Education.

  • liberty49

    Where are all the military men who were purged by Obama? Why aren’t they organizing to lead the fight to take back our country from this Muslim-in-Chief!

    • Rachel

      No one seems to care about the country anymore. I think they all gave up.

    • Robert E Bezanson

      Keep your eye’s and ears open they are…

    • DLG

      As a former military man I decided instead of organizing a fight to take back our country,I got a degree and a career. Good luck in fighting the strawman.

  • Loretta

    I believe our beloved country was betrayed and possibly lost yesterday and right after one of the greatest leaders in the world gave a magnificent speech. They voted to give our country to illegals. And Obama is still planning ways to use his pen and congress does nothing. What spineless zombies in congress. Israel stands ready to defend itself against millions of enemies but our congress can’t stand against one man.

    • Rachel

      Yup…it’s all over but the revolution. And I don’t think there are enough patriots left in this country to have one. So…Switzerland & Norway are looking pretty good right now.

      • DLG

        Yeah Switzerland and Norway with their commie universal healthcare and high tax rate. Sounds awesome right now! We just need real patriots to move to those liberal countries and everything will be perfect. Hero. You are a hero.

        • Linda Lee

          Slovakia isn’t tolerating Muslims immigration, and from what I hear Poland doesn’t either.

        • Azazel

          All the white countries are being invaded by illegals brown and blacks. All white countries and only white countries. Island has refused, austrilia has stoped alot of the invaders just recently,Sweden has refused to allow illegal brown invaders, Russia despises them as we should.
          Revolution not possible, you would have more than half the Americans calling they cops or shooting you in the back. Its called ”SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING” nark out your fellow citizens to the federal government. Not to mention, infra-guard,fusion centers, SPy Facebook, I phone and android all tracking and recording you, All calls and recording when hung up. Samsung tv recording every thing you say. Militarized cops, Trained on No hesitation targets getting them ready to kill strictly white America citizens that look like grandma, or young white pregnant women and little white kids. Google crome turnes you pc mic on and monotors constantly for a secrete list of words.

      • AugustaRabbit

        Not switzerland. It’s a muslim state.

      • Jeff Brodhead

        I hear Chile is very happy to have Americans move there.

        • Rachel

          New Zealand and Costa Rica too.

      • 2nd amendment vs evil govt

        give barbara spectre a hug for me when you get there lol.

        • Rachel

          I had to look up who Barbara Spectre is. I wouldn’t be going to Israel. To be surrounded by a billion people who hate Israel and wants to push the people into the sea? No thanks.

    • DLG

      There are zombies? Like for real zombies? I need a shotgun! Unless O’bummer took those shotguns away??? One felony and I can’t fight zombies. Commies.

      • allessior

        Don’t worry, he has his ATF and EPA taking all of our ammo away, starting with the .223. You won’t be able to shoot yourself.

    • henryknox

      This line from the article made me gasp: “stunned” by the “audacity” and “insidious nature” of the Obama’s administration.” I can’t understand how anyone could say this after what we have witnessed over the last 6 years. Most of us knew these things 6 years ago because we listened to Obama’s words and believed him. The rest of society ignored his words and voted for an imaginary candidate.

      • Linda Lee

        Nothing surpsises me anymore. There have been way to many instances of this kind of thing.

    • Charles

      You are soo right ! I am ashamed of what we have( serving ? ) the American voters.

    • KDC

      Boy, Lortta, you said it well.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    If they try to do that, I believe it will be the day that the 2nd revolution starts. No Hell no and that ass hole that came up with that idea should b e tared and feathered and sent to Iran…

  • Bill Meeker

    Cool. Maybe we can replace Christmas with a Muslim holiday too. Yeah, I could be wrong but it appears a foreign Prime Minister is now more respected in this country than our own President. But in the end, the situation we’re in is self-inflicted … we elected and RE-elected this President, and the pathetic wimpy and “do-nothing” Members of Congress.

    • allessior

      Yeah, next exec order: All Christian and Jewish holidays are banned. Only Muslim, Hindu, and Quanza holidays are allowed.

  • FedUpButSoonGoinUp

    This article reminded me of Dan 7:25. One of the things the antiChrist will attempt is to “change times and laws”. We know O’s not the AC, but he certainly is unknowingly foreshadowing him. Interesting. KLU!

    • Berf

      I agree he is not the AC. When I first laid eyes on him when he announced his running for president the first time, I felt the spirit of the Anti-Christ in him. I know this country would be in a world of a hurt. I even told a few of my family and friends that I felt that Obama has the spirit of the Anti-Christ and he will be on the one to usher in the Anti-Christ.

  • CaptTurbo

    Impeach the Trojan Horse camel flea!

    • DLG

      mmmmm….Trojan Horse Camel Flea….

  • Jim

    Oh HELL NO !!!!!


  • dufus

    How about “Mentally Incapacitated Day” recognizing all the Democrats!

    • Rachel

      LOL…that’s more like it!

    • CountryBoy

      After all, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder……

    • KayDeeBeau

      I think there is a “holiday” that pretty much covers them already – happens the day after 03/31

  • Eric

    Is this the Onion I’m reading?

  • quarkie009

    Obama will continue his executive orders in order to transform America into a third world country before he finishes his second term and goes back to his birthplace of Kenya. Obama is a Muslim first and last; he was born a Muslim and leave this world as a Muslim in order to keep the faith of all Muslims. He was elected by outright fraud in both elections. The dead people only voted for him twice, while the cartoon characters got to vote for him three and four times. Only in America can a foreigner become president with congressional backers i.e. democrats/communists spearheading the way and the unintelligent voters picking up the slack.

  • Barbaree

    Hey, obama, we don’t celebrate ILLEGAL immigration! Our ancestors went through Ellis Island following strict rules!

  • artfuldgr

    Dictatorship by E.O…

    • Rachel

      Maybe the people should write an E.O and throw all the traitors out of the White Mosque and the Capitol Building…..and give them the Mussolini treatment. Not legal to do so? Who cares? Never stopped Obama.

  • aznative

    Our nation is being illegally taken from us and nobody does anything. I guess we will just wait for the hitler FEMA camps. Good job American military, good job law enforcement. None of you have removed these traitors to our nation. I guess this means millions since this nation began have died in vain.

    • Russ

      we can’t give up yet. there is way to much at stake.

  • Russ

    how about IMPEACH the POS day, followed by IMPEACH the so-called Speaker-of-the-House Day, and then Fire the so-called Senate Majority Leader Day!! All of these lousy pieces of crap need to be introduced to the Firing Squad Day!!!

    • aznative

      Our founders would have already found a tree. Sad to say. God help us.

  • akprayingmom

    Winter Break instead of Christmas, Celebrate Immigrants Day instead of Thanksgiving, and now Easter will be Holy Jihad?

    In March of 2008, to deflect the strong concern millions had about him secretly believing in Islam, Obama said—in his now commonly known lying fashion: “Here are the simple facts, I am a Christian. I am a devout Christian. I have been a member of the same church for 20 years. I pray to Jesus every night.”

    Obama really is liar in chief.

    • fatman45

      It’s called “taqiyyah” – whereby a believing Muslim individual can deny his faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts, especially while they are in fear or at risk of significant persecution.

  • Stephen Geiger

    Is there no limit to the ignorance/insanity of the left?

  • aznative

    Let’s face it the last group of Americans willing to die to protect the greatest nation on earth were in WWII. We are trampling all over their graves. They died for nothing. There are no soldiers, law enforcement, sheriffs, militias, secret service, CIA’s, FBI, congressmen , American patriots willing or left to protect our constitution or restore liberty, freedom and the free enterprise. The collapse of this nation is imminent at the hands of an illegal in the WH. Sad day in our country.

  • WILLY Of The North

    How about Sorry I broke your stupid Laws Day?
    Family Baby Farm Day.
    What happens in America say a in America Day.

    • DLG

      Family Baby Farm Day sounds like a GD blast! What does it entail? Is there a horse tornado?

      • WILLY Of The North

        There are house with foreign mothers birthing their Baby’s then dropping their USA born baby’s off till they can get back under new law or amnesty to stay in the GOOD OLD USA.

      • WILLY Of The North

        There are houses with foreign mothers birthing their Baby’s then dropping their USA born baby’s off till they can get back under new law or amnesty to stay in the GOOD OLD USA.

  • Rachel

    Why not have a “Commie Asshole Day”? Or a “We Hate America Day”? Oh, wait…that’s every day at the WH.

  • tonyfm

    It Really Make sense, What were the Pilgrims when they Came to this Land? “Immigrants”. And who help them to survive on that very memorable days? “The American Indians” Yes! The Only and authentic Original Americans in this land, AMERICAN INDIANS, Sadly these nice people were later almost eliminated and their land stolen by these new European comers.

    • Rachel

      This wasn’t a country…it was a land with no structure. Just various tribes of mostly “nice people” at constant war with one another. And when the pilgrims landed, they were just more people to be at war with. My ex-husband is American Indian. He’d think your comment was retarded.

      • tonyfm

        I agree with you that it was not a country yet, but the new people were immigrants too, and now many of the Patriotic People Seems more retarded when they try to hide that part in our US history, Who sent the Indian tribes to land reservations.

      • Dee Lafrance


  • Kevin

    This is what we have now come to in America. This is what happens when an imposter is allowed to rule, as a dictator, and no one in the Congress (or federal government) will do anything about it. We are, steadily, losing everything that most of us have held dear throughout our lives; while, Obama continues to get everything single thing that he wants!

  • DLG

    They took our JOBS!!!

  • Bobtrhn

    These people who dream this crap up should be shot for treason. Screw them.

  • allessior

    What about “Benghazi Day” or “IRS vs Tea Party Day” or “Obamacare Day” or Obama, kiss my a&* day”?

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Lets have “obama day”….the day obama was arrested and removed from the white house in handcuffs, charged with treason and fraud and put in jail.

    • gene457

      I would make that a HOLY day.

  • Russell Smith

    Feck him

  • Roger Terrance

    How bout “Retake America by force day” or “Happy Obama Criminal Invaders Day.” ?

  • Russell Smith


  • Proudvietvet58

    No one man can take on Obama alone. However, we CAN fight fire with fire! Terrorize the Terrorists!!! Make every one of their lives a LIVING HELL ON EARTH in our Country!! Perhaps I should buy stock in Exxon, plastic gas cans, Road Flares, Duct tape, Cigarette Lighters and, Slaughter houses that process pig parts!!

  • prstewart

    They already have ‘a day’… October 28th – National Immigrants Day. Maybe having one isn’t the point and not nearly as satisfying as taking an historical one away.

  • Jorge

    What happened to the country I immigrated to? (Legally thought)

  • Linda Lee

    segregation in schools by nationality? oye, blacks shoudl be all over this like candy on an apple adn up in arms. They don’t get special schools.
    Also, he better keep his hands off of Thanksgiving, but of course this is part of his plan to make citizens of this country of European origin marginal. Sooner or later this will all come to a head. He’s making law with his pen, and congress sits there and allows it.

  • Russell Breedlove

    You folks DO realize this is a satire site? All of the posts on this site are satire.

    • gene457

      This radio interview is “satire”?

  • Col Klink

    The rest of the holidays are catholic; Christmas? Easter? St Val Day? and Halloween. Then with Latin immigrant day, the fate is sealed.

    • gene457

      Christmas and Easter are not just “Catholic”. They are Christian in general.

  • jmstalk

    Why are American citizens facilitating this plan? Don’t they realize they are giving their children’s heritage away?

  • KDC

    BO the interloper. I will never give up my favorite day in thanking God for all his goodness and grace on me or this beloved nation. They are trying to take everything we all hold dear and trash it.

  • Bill Meeker

    Why not replace 4 July with something? Yeah, this is all self-inflicted and we have another two years to deal with. We can no longer put blame on Obama or our Congress. We had a clear “first look” and said yes, give us a second helping.

  • georgev

    No he can’t, we the American people run this government not them and we need to stop complying with their asinine executive orders.
    He cannot change Thanksgiving and we won’t allow it. So just stop antagonizing the people Mr. President you do not control our reality. We do.

  • NO WAY!!!!!!

  • gene457

    I’ll “celebrate” illegal immigrants. The next one I see crossing the street, I’ll run over.

  • Deborah. moody

    I At ee America in distress I see a horrible man in office and just as horrible a wife it’s almost like Hitler over and his evil Ava brawn.he is turning the world against us and we need to stop him, he needs to be out of office along with her to stop hurting Americans and giving our country away because of his Islamic and parasitic believes.we were once a strong and proud nation and could be successful at any job we had now things are being taken from us food from Our mouths, jobs from our country and our lives being destroyed all to be given to people that don’t deserve it.our lives are being changed AT a egomaniacs whim..I love my country and I love my countrymen but I don’t love Obama and his crazy ideasand he is executive orders are out of control he needs to be stopped before we are all in prison or in refugee camps just for being Americans please everyone that loves his country sound off and make it Known that he needs to be out of office and all his executive poison needs to be reversed. we have to save our selves he is out to destroy America

  • Jeff Brodhead

    America needs to “burn the Progressives at the stake”.

  • Leland Stanford

    Change that is unbelievable

  • Robalou01

    Can anybody recommend an alternative country ??

    • Azazel

      Norway, Iceland,Switzerland, Russia, any country on the black sea. Argentina, Germany, Newzeland.

  • susandiane0351

    Although I wouldn’t put it past the Obama administration to pull a stunt like this, where is the concrete proof that this was discussed? Unless there’s a “smoking gun” like a audio or video recording of White House officials seriously discussing changing Thanksgiving to Immigrants Day, people are going to doubt this is true. I know this Susan Payne claims she heard all of this but I think we need more than hearsay. If I’m missing something here please let me know.

  • Rachel

    Don’t let the president change Thanksgiving day, this was between the indians and early settlers. It’s history written in books. Why in the world would anyone want to change it for immigrants? This country belonged to the indians before we ever got to this great land of America.

  • 2nd amendment vs evil govt

    drunken lush boehner given cover by pelosi……….jeb bush out front on amnesty………somebody wake me up from this nightmare. even michael savage said on his radio show last week that liberal american jews are “oven ready jews”…..and the vicious little lenin mussie homosexual in the white house has a 50% approval rating. some dope on this site said all he care’s about is his career……just hope your not white buddy, your career will dead end with affirmative action in a ny minute. 2 more years to go kiddies. it can only get better lol.

  • Azazel

    The country is gone and still more than half the population deny the fact or are to obsessed with football, pizza, beer to notice or care. The Usa died the day the patriot act was passed, that was hey entire reason of the patriot act. Now the North American Union is in full swing to be completed. Illegal invasion, No borders, Rights removed, economy cushed. And the UN has a sitting Constitution for the NAU. All Americans have to do is look it up but no to hard foot ball and beer instead.
    Stupid Illegals and Africans will continue putting the communists R and D in power until the NAU is complete and will be just like Mexico or Africa then where will you run.
    Any one awake i would start getting out of the dead US as fasts as possible. Don’t plan on coming back the USA is gone, the NAU will be an african Mexican run 3rd world death hole for any white former American.

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