World’s First Three-Way Same-Sex Marriage, See the Disturbing Photos Here

Three gay men from Thailand have tied the knot in what is thought to be the world’s first three-way same-sex marriage.

Happy newlyweds Joke, 29, Bell, 21 and Art, 26, took the plunge on Valentine’s Day after exchanging their vows in a fairy-tale ceremony at their home in Uthai Thani Province, Thailand.

The three blushing grooms are thought to be the world’s only wedded male threesome and have since become internet sensations after photos from their big day went viral.

In what they described as the happiest day of their lives, the three men were suited and booted for the ceremony in which they exchanged rings after walking down the aisle.

Bell, From Phitsanulok Province, said: ‘I think we are first three-way same sex males to have a wedding, possibly in the world. (Read more about the three-way same-sex marriage HERE)

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  • mikecnj

    Disturbing Photos :
    disturbing the amount of base makeup these 3 queens troweled on. And, those plucked eyebrows.
    Oi, beschmear.

  • StLouieSue

    I didn’t look at the pictures or read the story. The headline was enough for me. I’m sure “they were born that way”. This will be coming to a town and state here in the near future. Stop the madness.

  • StLouieSue

    I didn’t look at the pictures or read the story. The headline was enough for me. I’m sure “they were born that way”. This will be coming to a town and state here in the near future. Stop the madness.

  • wandamurline

    Sick, Sick, Sick and perverted…hell is waiting for them because of their sins of the flesh.

  • Watchdogman

    Can I marry my dog? How about my tree? Thanks to various governmental agencies I soon will be able to…My dog and tree are sick but as soon as we get married I will be able to place them under my health insurance plan and all will be great…Wait! Maybe I will marry myself and then when I get sick I can turn in two claims for treatment and make some money on this gig!

    • StLouieSue

      I’m waiting for fresh cucumbers to come in so I can marry one.

  • Ronald Coleman

    I wouldn’t want to any car in this sick queer sex train.

  • Ronald Coleman

    I got sick writing this and thinking had to go puke and left out the BE, sorry.

  • Dempsey Coleman

    A three Way SIC How Disgusting can People Get???

  • MegK31

    Sick, sick, sick, they are making a mockery of marriage.

  • Linda

    Signs of the times are in the air. The Bible is being fulfilled right before our eyes. The Rapture could take place any moment .

  • Bob2002

    This is what happens when you change the traditional definition of marriage to allow people of the same sex to marry. What will we see next? Dogs and humans marrying? Horses and Humans marrying?

    • CSN

      Polygamy is just around the corner, or has it already been given the Green Light? Anything goes!

      • Bob2002

        You are probably correct because with Obama and the far left in charge of our country, anything does go.

  • Lowell Eneix

    When Mohamed marry’s his goat; that is sick.

  • CSN

    Born that way? Masochism and Sadomasochism, anal and oral sex, is what they practice. That’s something you’re born with? No! It is learned behavior and everyone is afraid to admit it! Sick!

    • Brandon Broze

      “learned” behavior? LEARNED BY WHOM?? I’m “sorry”, but there is NO FACTUAL BASIS WHATSOEVER for this idiotic “recruitment” scenario you guys keep claiming.

      NONE! And who, pray tell, “taught” YOU to be straight??

      And WHO is “pushing sodomy”? We’re pushing EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL AMERICANS (i.e. no discrimination of INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS simply because some bigots and troglodytes won’t evolve)! THAT’S IT. Stop reading so much into it. I swear, you guys are MORE OBSESSED with gays than ACTUAL GAYS THEMSELVES.

      You sure seem to TALK AND THINK ABOUT SODOMY a lot more! When’s the last time, say, OBAMA made EXPLICIT REFERENCE to sodomy when talking about gay rights? WHO has said this BUT REPUBLICANS and CONSERVATIVES WHO ARE AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE? If anything, THEY are inadvertently “pushing sodomy.” hahaha

      grow up… you sound like a bunch of uptight, immature children with this “ickiness” over gays and gay marriage

      Not to mention it’s really NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what consenting adults do in their own homes and private venues, frankly… Stop trying to pretend it HAS HUGE RAMIFICATIONS ON SOCIETY IF GAYS HAVE SEX. You know it doesn’t, but you wanna PRETEND IT DOES so that YOU WON’T ADMIT YOU’RE WRONG, A BIGOT AND PROBABLY A TROGLODYTE!

      It’s far easier to stick to old, traditionalist ways than admit you were wrong all this time and change. You guys wanna take the easy way out, as far as I can see it.

  • moochie moo

    God gets the blame for ‘why did He allow this or why did He allow that?”and yet when we blatantly disregard His laws and how He created us to be, we’ put ourselves in harm’s way not under His divine protection…we reap what we sow…Romans 1:28 -And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge ,God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.

  • Craig

    My prediction… this will end very badly for the 3-some. It’s only a matter of time…
    but you won’t hear about it in the news because that doesn’t support their narrative.

  • Brandon Broze

    lol! “disturbing photos”? Was that part supposed to be satirical?