Anchorage Mayoral Candidate Open Carries, Catches Sign Vandal [+videos]

On Friday evening, Anchorage mayoral candidate Amy Demboski encountered an apparent vandal preparing to destroy one of her 4×8 campaign signs.

What happened next may surprise you.

The 38 year-old Assemblywoman confronted the would-be perpetrator, despite the fact that he was obviously aggressive, and armed with a box cutter.

[Editor’s note: the first part of the video includes surveillance footage of the vandal. Watch until the end for pictures of the destroyed and defaced signs]

What the video may not show clearly is the reason why the vandal may have thought better of carrying out his plan.

Demboski was exercising her right to open carry. I bet the press didn’t tell you that.

Here’s the evidence, a photo taken by someone who witnessed Demboski talking with the police on site.

Amy Sign and Gun

Anchorage Police are investigating, and have apparently pressed charges.

Listen to why Joe Miller and other conservatives are supporting Amy Demboski for mayor:

UPDATE: There is some confusion as to whether mayoral candidate Amy Demboski actually drew her gun during the confrontation with the apparent sign vandal. During this interview today, Ms. Demboski confirmed that the gun remained holstered, and was never drawn or touched during the encounter.

  • Camotim

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    • Mark Travers

      No, get your facts straight. The box cutter was not used to murder 0ver 3000 people.

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          • Tim Chambers

            If my 3rd grade logic is embarrassing, your 1st grade logic is laughable.

          • Mark Travers

            Timmy is still trying to get in the last word. What an unstable guy. Keep rambling. Amy lost by a large margin; deal with it clown.

      • scot_belle

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        • Mark Travers

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          • Don

            Why do you argue semantics? Without the box cutters the terrorists might not have been able to take over the planes. So as a result of terrorists wielding box cutters 3000 people died.

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            If you think the argument is about semantics, that speaks volumes of your lack of education. Please re-read the person’s first posting. It was NOT the cutters that killed over 3000 people. Geez.

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            Mark, your lack of education and reasoning skills are shocking. Had it not been for the box cutters employed that day, those planes would have not been converted for use as projectiles. While true, any weapon COULD have been used, in THIS case…it was box-cutters. So by extension, any person with an IQ of 12 or above would reasonably state that the original post was correct.

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  • gop4ever

    Publicity stunt.

    • Jack

      Yeah, and she coordinate this with the guy who is now getting charged with felonies. NOT.

      • gop4ever

        Honestly I didn’t know a crime was committed. They tear up election signs all the time where I live.

        • michael lawless

          thats because you live in a liberal utopia
          where it is allowed to silence the competition

          • gop4ever

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        • henryknox

          I’ve always heard that ignorance isn’t an excuse for breaking the law. Which is unfortunate because the Progressives pass so many laws that we can’t even get a good count on them let alone know when we are committing a crime. Once again smaller gov’t is the best gov’t.

        • Jackie Morrison


        • Jim Pelzel

          yaeh and that is called destruction of property you frikn idiot

          • gop4ever

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  • c69101

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  • sooner4ever

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  • Ron

    What a smug punk. He thinks his contempt for someone else justifies destroying private property. He uppity “I will see you in court” remark reveals his arrogance.
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  • Leland Stanford

    Hope the vandal is locked up and the key thrown away.

  • KDC

    So he disagrees with her and hacks up her signs. No regard for the law either. This makes what he does okay. Is this main stream liberalism!

  • Flayer

    If convicted of the felony, his voting record will be suspended. He won’t be able to vote OR cut up signs. Idiot.