Wal-Mart Suddenly Closed 5 Stores and Laid off Thousands of Workers and No One Knows Why

walmart-wal-mart-32Wal-Mart suddenly closed five stores in four states on Monday for alleged plumbing problems.

The closures could last up to six months and affect roughly 2,200 workers in Texas, California, Oklahoma, and Florida, CNN Money reports.

Wal-Mart employees say they were completely blindsided by the news, having been notified only a couple hours before the stores closed at 7 p.m. Monday.

“Everybody just panicked and started crying,” Venanzi Luna, a manager at a store in Pico Rivera, California, told CNN Money.

All workers will receive paid leave for two months. After that, full-time workers could become eligible for severance, according to CNN Money. But part-time workers will be on their own. (Read more from “Wal-Mart Suddenly Closed 5 Stores and Laid off Thousands of Workers and No One Knows Why” HERE)

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  • JosephinaAngelina

    Maybe because people have chosen not to shop at a store that fights against freedom of conscience. The classless way they closed also speaks volumes. Goodbye, Walmart.


      I bet your a liberal who believes you are entitled to what others have

      • JosephinaAngelina

        Wrong. I’m a conservative who believes that I am entitled to freedom of religion and freedom of speech, which Walmart opposes by opposing Indiana’s and Arkansas’ Religious Freedom Restoration Acts.

  • I see the original article referenced employee concerns that protesting last Black Friday might have triggered the closures, however the stories about those protests suggested up to 1600 stores in more than 100 cities would be protested. Therefore not very likely that was the cause.