11-Year-Old Graduating With 3 Degrees From U.S. College

Photo Credit: Twitter An 11-year-old boy receiving three degrees became the youngest graduate at American River College this year, by far.

Tanishq Abraham graduated from high school at age 10, and now has his sights set on a medical degree. He told KCRA he wasn’t intimidated by taking classes with students twice his age.

“Even on the first time I came to a college class, I wasn’t really nervous, so, this isn’t much of a big thing to me,” Abraham said.

Abraham graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA, which didn’t come as a surprise to his mother.

“Even in kindergarten he was pretty ahead, two years ahead, and just went from there,” she said. (Read more from “11-Year-Old Graduating With 3 Degrees From American River College” HERE)

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  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well this story or the orginal does not say what the degrees where in; however it is still a great accompolishment. The thing is did this child actually learn how to use this knowledge or did he just memorize and parrot back what the teachers gave him in class. There is a great difference between having knowledge and knowing how to use it.