Alaska Air Offers Major Airfare Discounts for Transgender, Bisexual and Gay People, but Forget Funeral Attendees…

Photo Credit: The Daily Caller Are you gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender? Do you want to travel to a bunch of gay pride festivals throughout the United States? If you answered yes to these questions, Alaska Airlines is currently offering exciting discounts on air travel for you.

“At Alaska, we have been longtime supporters of the LGBT community and remain committed to a more equitable society,” an Alaska Air webpage entitled “We Share Your Love of Travel” boasts.

One image on the page feature a trio of shirtless dudes standing under some palm trees. Another shows two women nearly embracing while drinking coffee. A third shows a couple of happy men wearing snazzy denim and holding fancy glasses of alcohol.

“We were elated when the State of Washington expressed the same commitment by legalizing marriage for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity,” the Alaska Air webpage explains. “To show our continued support we are encouraging the LGBT community to travel, not only to Seattle, but to Pride events and gay friendly destinations all over the country.”

Gay travelers can enjoy discounts of fully 10 percent for airfare to a handful of destinations hosting gay and lesbian celebrations. These gay vacation hotspots include Portland (Northwest Pride, June 13-14), Seattle (Seattle Pride, June 27-28) and San Diego (San Diego Pride, July 17-20). (Read more from “Alaska Air Offers Major Airfare Discounts for Gay People” HERE)

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  • mrbp

    Another reason to not fly Alaska Air. Let them be the carrier of the LGBT community only. Sick of the various companies “bending over” for these sick pukes.

    • Charles

      Alaska Air must be run by a bunch of QUEER’S !!!!

      • ijohnc1

        They are an airline that is actually based out of Seattle, that tells you much about their leanings…too PC
        No real roots to Alaska other than name.

        • Colorado Conservative

          Thank you for the clarification. Seattle explains it all, run by the progressive Marxist left. I am sure the Human Rights Campaign scorecard is part of the picture here since they “give” companies who doing this kind of crap an “A” grade.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well my opinion of Alaska Air had just hit bottom. In fact, I was planning a trip to Alaska again, but I have now changed my mind. I will go elsewhere. I will not support any sodomite supporting business.

    • Paris Alvey

      You don’t have to cancel a trip to AK, take a different airline.

  • c69101

    Boycott this freak flying airline!

  • ArmyCombatVet

    You knuckle under to a sick disgusting minority of non-human perverts and I will never use Alaska Pervert Airlines ever again. They should be boycotted and forced into bankruptcy. America is dead, any nation that provides superior rights to at best 2% of it’s population should cease to exist, as should any company that “bends over” to these despicable reprobates! A nation founded under God that violates God’s laws, will quickly become a nation gone under!

  • akprayingmom

    That is sad news. I have always loved Ak Air. No more for me! That is sickening. 🙁
    So long to Sodomite Airlines.

  • Tammy McAbee Brookover

    I feel discriminated against. Let’s sue.

    • ijohnc1

      Great idea, class action lawsuits work best, this is an obvious case of discrimination against all of us who live normal lives in a world of secular progressivism.

      • Kent2012

        and a lawsuit against DC would really be in order, but so very few have the courage to take on the democrapos….so many people have wound up dead from unusual circumstances such as working for billy “the traitor” clintoney…

        • facebook is Dero

          sue DC and you sue yourself, much better to sue Alaska Airlines. Just vote and contribute to decent candidates (if you can find one) to handle DC.

  • Paris Alvey

    You don’t have to cancel a trip to AK, Dowhatsrigh, take a different airline.

  • dagoof

    “a more equitable society,”

    Huh? — You’re doing it wrong.

  • Marlin Griffin

    So, if I’m not Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender…. But I’m straight…I don’t get this discount? Is that what Alaska Airlines is saying? So either they can have just as many similar event destinations where STRAIGHT people ONLY get a discount and not LGBT people…or we DO have a right to sue. Keep playing these games people!

  • kunling

    Just what we need…..another QUEER airline.

  • Sherman Brown

    Won’t find me flying Alaska anytime soon. Can’t give discounts for death in a family, but death in the human race OK.


      Will Lindsey Graham use them for his campaign?

      • Colorado Conservative

        Somehow he can tie that in with his comment about having a different first lady every night of the week.

  • LEE

    I suppose “compassionate” airfares, where people need to fly on short notice for a family death or emergency will also take a “backseat” on this LGBT-pandering airline? When are the “Special” airfares for STRAIGHT people going to start? After all, we’re the ones subsidizing all this generosity and magnanimity of the part of this airline………….. they are great at offering “goodies” paid for with OPM (Other People’s Money).

  • LibraryTchr

    I suggest everyone who reads this send a letter to Alaska Airlines telling them that their support of this and other agendas in the “culture war” have caused you to fly with other airlines. We are a powerful block-98% of the population. If they want to support the 2% let them. The parade in Seattle is lewd and disgusting. Small children are regularly brought to view it and not even the Seattle Police Department will stop it. Disgusting. Wake up America! Put your money where your values are and let the companies that you are avoiding know why.

    • Colorado Conservative

      Corporate Headquarters
      19300 International Blvd.
      Seattle, WA 98188
      Brad Tilden, CEO


  • bendz1

    Disgusting. Forget Alaskan Airlines. I feel slighted and discriminated against. Also I will never ever go to Burger King let them both survive on 2 percent of the population.


  • ijohnc1

    Just another reason to NOT fly Alaska airlines, they have always had higher fares than the other airlines out of anchorage, of course that how I show diversity.

  • AlterPforz

    Oh, great. Now you can sit in an airplane filled with queers. No wonder our civilization is collapsing.

  • Grammy6pak

    This is pure and simple discrimination against straight people! when is this BS going to stop! No Alaska Air for me!!

  • Jim McCormack

    Alaska Air new slogan ” Bring your Own Lysol Spray “

  • gracentruth

    Just a thought – since money seems to talk, why not consider not flying AA and turning in your AA credit card which costs about $90.00 per year? that is what I did several years ago. Peace,

  • grey lady

    Seems AA is taking their cue from the idiots in Washington! LGBT is now more equal than the rest of the population and WE (the straight ones) have to give up our rights! New motto—Don”t fly Alaska Air!!!!!!!

    • Colorado Conservative

      And “we” are +07% of the population no less.

  • FlyinyTiger

    Ginsberg was running her mouth on C-span. Those that demand they rights under the constitution FIRST! Wins first. Get it! Don’t be intimidated by those that prey on the weak of minded. Women can be victimize by any gender. Men can be victimized by any gender too. Becoming disenfranchised is how shampoo companies get satisfied consumers swap brands! Get it!? Politics is getting you to be poorer than what you are or weaker than what you are! The Savior of the confused disenfranchised.