Ben Carson Now Backs Amnesty for Illegals

Ben CarsonOn Wednesday, Dr. Ben Carson said America’s borders must be sealed to protect against terrorism and told a prominent group of Latino elected officials that he also supports giving illegal immigrants a path to legalization and eventual citizenship . . .

Regarding the country’s illegal immigrants, Carson said, “many of them have never known any other country … so where are you going to send them?”

Carson said the country must “provide them a way so that they don’t have to hide in the shadows” and “give them an opportunity to become guest-workers–they have to register, they have to enroll in a back tax program.”

“And if they want to become citizens they have to get in the line with everyone else… because we have to pay homage to people who’ve done it the right way,” Carson added.

He also told the audience that “what threatens to destroy is division” and blasted the “purveyors of division” who try to divide Americans based on race, age, income and a host of other issues for trying to convince Americans that “we are each other’s enemies.” He said that radical Islamic terrorists are trying to destroy the United States and Americans should not make it easier for them by buying into the politics of division. (Read more from “Ben Carson Now Backs Amnesty for Illegals” HERE)

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  • charles

    he is a joke

  • CountryBoy

    He is so intelligent and yet so Stupid…..

  • Bill Meeker

    I was headed Ben’s way but this is a “deal breaker” for me. This position puts him on my “not a chance of getting my vote” list.

    • cantonst

      Exactly the same for me…

    • Atara

      Carson is misrepresented here. Please read my above post.

      • k9maiden

        They don’t want the truth Atara! They want to decide that Carson is lying when it is the others that lie. Carson is a man of God, saved lives all over the world, and doesn’t really know how to lie, spin, twist like the rest of the political career politicians. They are all to blind to see the truth themselves.

    • Vote for Truth

      Vote for Mike Huckabee because he is against amnesty and giving government benefits to illegal immigrants. He is a strong Christian who stood up first to support Kim Davis in KY and called her to encourage her. The other candidates then started supporting her and following Mike Huckabee’s leadership. He organized a Liberty Rally for Kim Davis today in Grayson, KY. Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly, Graham, Christie, Bush and Kasich stood with the Supreme Court saying that is the law. They don’t even understand the Constitution and should not be President.

    • k9maiden

      What a bunch of finicky people. Yes, by all means, get behind Carly, a liberal who loves Muslims, or Trump, a Democrat who gave to Killary and Bill’s campaign and hasn’t said one thing he would do in order to change this country. Oh, don’t forget Rubio, who was in the Gang of 8 and was for Amnesty before he was against it, or Bush, common core, and Amnesty both, Christie? Please, I hope to HELL you people get yours. Ben Carson’s words were completely taken out of context, COMPLETELY, and you people fall for it. You are no better than the people that bought the HOPE AND CHANGE by the Muslim/Arab/Impostor

    • Peter913

      Bill, it’s Trump or Cruz. The rest are the same as Ben.

  • cantonst

    Doc, we cannot afford to continue to harbor the illegal aliens in this country without the repeal of ALL social welfare programs for everyone, illegal or not. We do need to SEAL the border and we need to deport every illegal alien regardless of how or when they got here and we need to amend the anchor baby rule and we need to revamp the guest worker program with strong emphasis on national security. We will not be forcing the splitting of families…current anchor babies and other legal family members can decide whether to stay or go. By welcoming illegal aliens to this country, we exacerbate the problems in their home countries that they are running away from, when they could be there fighting for change. This life is not nirvana and the U.S. is not Utopia…nor should it be…life is and always should be a challenge.

  • cantonst

    We don’t have a compassionate President now and I don’t want a compassionate President in the future. Compassion has no place in government. Government, by definition, is incapable of compassion. Think about it.

  • cantonst

    If you want to solve the problems in a foreign country…go there. Don’t bring the problems here…we have enough of our own.

  • cantonst

    Government Compassion, better known as buying votes….I don’t want to elect a new ‘mommy’…

  • cantonst

    Illegal immigrants are like visiting family, you know when it’s time to send them home.

  • sousaiv

    No, that is NOT what he said….He said that they can get work permits and then get in line with everyone else who wants LEGAL immigration…Pay attention or shut the hell up!

    • Joyce Ferguson

      Why give them the work permits and jobs while most AMERICANS are unemployed or under-employed? WE NEED THE JOBS !!

  • sousaiv

    Joe, you should be ashamed of yourself….Carson has been perfectly clear on this issue…NO amnesty for illegals unless they go through exactly the same process as everyone else who wants to immigrate legally…

    • DAY8293A

      Did you just read what you wrote?? No amnesty UNLESS they …. You just said they WILL get amnesty IF the jump through some hoops… THEY ALL GO HOME, AND BECAUSE THEY HAVE BROKEN OUR LAWS ALREADY, NONE OF THEM COME BACK, PERIOD…. Why don’t you adopt and care for a few hundred and them talk to me about compassion,,, We have enough criminal people in this country …

  • Eagle

    You have clearly misrepresented Ben Carson’s position. Carson has been perfectly clear on this issue…NO amnesty for illegals unless they go through exactly the same process as everyone else who wants to immigrate legally… I agree with Sousaiv!

  • Brian Artzberger

    So long Ben, You just lost most of those supporting you. I thought you were smart. I was wrong. Can I have my donation back please? You said you supported the constitution and rule of law. You lied.

    • Marilyn Roesler Foss

      Glad we found out before it was to late

    • Atara

      This article does not fairly represent Carson.

      Carson has said the United States should model its immigration reform after Canada’s guest-worker program. “People already here illegally could apply for guest-worker status from outside of the country,” Carson wrote in November. “This means they would have to leave first.”

      *A guest worker program is NOT equivalent to amnesty. Amnesty is defined by a pardon and includes more than pardon, in as much as it obliterates all legal remembrance of the offense. Guest work status is certainly FAR from legal permanent residency, which is required for 5 years as one of the requisites for naturalization.

      **Back taxes and consular application ARE meaningful qualifiers to this guest status that will protect the rule of law. Interesting, I have not heard how he intends for the guest status to coincide with the current 3 and 10 year bars to reentry for those with unlawful presence (3 years for over 6 months and 10 years over 1 year).

      ***He is actually giving them INCENTIVE TO LEAVE by telling them that by leaving and paying back taxes, they have a future opportunity to return with guest status.

      Be careful about uttering falsehoods. Once feathers are dispersed over a bridge, they can’t be collected. Nor can find the victims who heard your false words to seek their forgiveness. In this case, false labeling of this mensch of a candidate is to the detriment of the entire nation.

      • Brian Artzberger

        Atara, What about the 99% of illegal aliens who will not “voluntarily” leave?

        • Buckaroo

          If illegal aliens stopped receiving welfare and severe punishment were mandated for anyone who hires one, they would leave on their own. At least most would.

          • Atara

            What kind of welfare are they eligible for? Citations please.

          • k9maiden

            Well, where to begin! Food, housing, healthcare, dental care, and they don’t even have to learn the language! My son is a physician in CA and you should hear his stories. They are bringing diseases over here that the U.S. eradicated through vaccinations decades ago, not only that, there are diseases that we have never seen or heard of and have yet to figure out how to treat them. You think they are flooding in here to work? NO! They have great life here, and if they do work, the money goes back to their Latino country for their families. It does not stay here.

          • Elisabeth

            I’ve been saying that for so long and it falls on deaf ears. People just coming over the border with no health checks. Then they get jobs that “no body wants” in slaughter houses and produce farms where we get our food from and can transmit those diseases into our food. Way back in Grandma’s and Great Grandma’s day, before refrigerators, people were not getting sick from food the way we are today. Does anyone else see this connection?

        • Atara

          He hasn’t addressed those who fail to apply towards the nonimmigrant status. t. My point is that he hasn’t called for amnesty and that saying otherwise is spreading a lie.

          • k9maiden

            He hasn’t called for Amnesty, you are right. But does the media care any more? They want us all to believe that they are the one and only voice and where you receive the truth. It is pathetic. We need to speak out and point out their blatant lying. In this case, it is a Republican lying so that his precious baby faced Bush Jr. or Jeb will be the nominee. These people don’t care what we want, even though they forget we are their bosses. Dr. Carson said if he becomes POTUS, he will make sure the “People” are in on the decisions since they are the ones that are in charge of the country and the POTUS and Congress work for them! That’s good enough for me!

        • k9maiden

          If we finally have a POTUS that is representative of a Republic, and will follow the Constitution to the T, then they will have to leave. There was a time ILLEGALS didn’t brag and demand entitlements, free healthcare, housing, food, they were afraid that ICE would come and take them back to where they came from. We need to go back to those times. Under the Democrats, especially BO, they are able to flood the border, kill our citizens, literally take over, have baby after baby on US, and each baby they receive more money. Is this what you people want? There is something to being generous, but AMERICAN CITIZENS, like our soldiers and homeless, should get these American benefits before illegals, and they DON’T thank you very much Obama regime. If you people can’t see BO is changing the demographics of this country, then you aren’t paying attention. He is making sure that the D will be in office forever! He has allowed illegals, criminals, and now Muslims with another 100,000 Syrians, not being vetted, and many of them are probably ISIS, into the U.S. If we don’t do something and fast, you people won’t have to worry about another election because BO will be our dictator, laugh now, but remember you heard it from me and I stand by this!

      • Frieda Fitz

        why give them a work program…American job should go to American ,,, they drive down wages ..don’t want or need them

        • Trish P

          In the debate he said the guest worker program would only be for farm workers (which are jobs hard to fill). Now I wonder if this is what he told the prominent group of Latino elected officials. But these shouldn’t be put on a path to citizenship different from others already on waiting lists. I agree that the huge influx of illegals has driven down wages in many occupations in the last ten or more years (statistics bear this out).

      • k9maiden

        People are ridiculous. There used to be a time when journalist and the press would report the absolute truth even if they disagreed with it. No longer that way now. These GOP CARTELS and LIBERAL owned media sources will discredit, every way possible, a person who “We the People” want instead of who the GOP and Democrats want, the same old mamby, pamby, Politically Correct, idiots that are nothing but bobble heads to the BO regime! Dr. Carson is correct, these people who can’t understand what is coming from his mouth shouldn’t vote. This is how we got BO, the great ORATOR, who couldn’t talk unless he had a teleprompter in front of him. That’s how Hitler took over, a great orator. Dr. Carson NEVER uses a teleprompter, he says what he means, and means what he says, but go right ahead, put your support behind Trump, or Carly, or the rest of the GOP career politicians. I will not only support Dr. Carson, and if he isn’t the candidate, I will write him in. I’m sick of voting for a GOP RINO who is so PC they are afraid to cross this Muslim Regime.

      • Marty

        He specifically said most have always been here, so where do we send them back to? Sounds to me like he doesn’t expect to make them return home before giving them ‘guest worker status’. He has lost my support.

    • k9maiden

      God you people are finicky!! HE DOES NOT BACK AMNESTY!!! Don’t you realize the media lies and is HELL bent on getting Carson out and Bush or Bush Jr. Rubio in? He is no more for Amnesty than we are. You people aren’t listening to him at all, you read what some one in the GOP CARTEL spins and believe it.

  • Immigration reform is necessary because of inadequate immigration policy and execution. It will help boost the economy.

    Secure the border, expand guest-worker programs/increase work visas, give illegal immigrants that are already here legal status (Green Card) if they pass a background check and send them to the back of the line to apply for citizenship.

    Solution for border security:

    Base all border agents and their superiors’ pay raises and bonuses on illegal immigration numbers.

    Track visas so people don’t overstay their visas.

    Decriminalize drugs. It’ll remove the problem of drug smugglers crossing the border illegally, lessen the danger to border security and residents of border towns.

    Government should have to verify legal status of those to whom they issue licenses, welfare and voter registration.

    Require the government to e-verify when an employer files an I-9 for an employee, not the employer; put the legal responsibility on the government if they get it wrong not on business.

    Increase work visas to match the demand by U.S businesses.

    Together all this will mean fewer people crossing the border illegally making it easier for border security to catch those who do cross illegally.

    • Scubabebe

      If we do not secure the border and deport illegals the next Dem Prez will find a way for sweeping legalization if obama doesn’t get it done in the next few months. Anchor baby birthright citizenship should be eliminated as an incentive.
      I’m tired of illegals waving the flag of another country while making outrageous demands and stealing from tax paying Americans. We can build the fence, deport them and recoup all the costs in 2 or 3 years from money the government won’t be spending on their welfare, SNAP, medical and education costs.
      Enforce current laws and fine employers who hire illegal workers. They can self deport or permanently lose any chance of legal entry into the US through visas, work permits, green cards or citizenship.

      • DAY8293A

        Ovomit already wasted over 700 billion dollars for ”shovel ready jobs”,,,, The fence was a shovel ready job,, already approved by congress and Pres Bush, and Ovomit wasted that 700 billion on … what??? We already had the money for the fence given to the government… And, that money was to fix our roads and highways,,, not a dime went on what he claimed it was for…. all wasted on ”green energy projects” and who knows how much went to ISIS AND THE mooslum SPRING to cause the massacres now going on in the middle east….

  • cantonst

    Illegal Immigrants made a conscious decision to come and stay here…we need to make a conscious decision to send them home. They need to be encouraged to face up to their problems at home and correct them. Running away does nothing to solve those problems.

    • DAY8293A

      Let them go home and , as Ovomit likes to say, ” Contribute to the economy”… back where they came from…. Mexico needs their ”contributions” more than we need them,,, BTW,, the only contributions they give, are downloading welfare rats to vote democrat…..

    • Peter913

      Illegal Alien Invaders broke our laws by coming here. They have to be sent back home quickly and any doles they are getting halted.

  • cantonst

    I can just hope that this Carson statement report is inaccurate.

  • akprayingmom

    No thanks Carson. 1 appeaser, apologizer, compromiser is more than enough. #ImACruzader2016 #CruzCrew #ImWithTed to #MakeDCListen #ReignitingThePromiseOfAmerica #CruzToVictory #TedCruz2016

    • Atara

      Please read my post above. Btw, I like both Cruz and Carson for different reasons. Carson is misrepresented here.

      • CaMaven

        Did he or did he not say what was shown in the posting?

      • harshcritic1967

        NO, I’m sorry, but he clearly said he supports an amnesty for millions…calling it a “guest worker program”….”after we secure the border”…uh huh…sure…heard that one too many times.

        • nursecathy123cat

          Here is what I read about his view on allowing them to become citizens:

          “And if they want to become citizens they have to get in the line with everyone else… ”
          Does not sound like amnesty to me.

  • Susan Borden

    This now leaves only one candidate – Trump. Say what you will about his arrogance and braggadocio, I’ve yet to find fault in his immigration policy. And, he won’t be bad in handling our fiscal situation.

    • NewHampshire

      YOu think so? You need to read it over at NHTPC… the rap sheet on Trump. Don’t be part of the idiocracy.

  • MrChicken

    Dr. Carson knows something. Anyone who is totally against amnesty, can not win an election. How he implements this, would probably not turn off any of you who have commented here. He is a good and smart man.

  • mak

    I really liked Ben…but now, not so much. Most of the time that you give an inch you loose a foot. That is what Ben is now suggesting….Bye Ben, hello Donald..

  • Paula

    you just screwed yourself the people do not want amnesty

  • future2

    We need to be realistic, NO ONE is going to deport millions of people. Ben supports retribution which is the exact opposite of amnesty. Get real Joe Miller, your not helping your country with this salacious, tabloid article

    • DAY8293A

      Eisenhower had the balls to round them up and ship them home,, too bad they did not think to build a wall back then,,, When ovomit stole over 700 billion for ”shovel ready jobs”,, he overlooked the one, ‘already signed into law and approved ” by Bush and the Congress,,, THE FENCE!! THERE WAS A SHOVEL READY JOB, AND HE HAD 700 BILLION TO BUILD IT!! WHERE THE HECK DID ALL THE MONEY GO???? NOW ONE SHOVEL READY JOB OR INFRASTRUCTURE REPAIRED!!

  • Brandonx15

    Looks like most people vote with their emotions rather than their brains.That’s what gave us Obama. Dr Carson’s statment makes sense. It may be fun to watch Donald Trump slashing away at the boneheads, but he hasn’t proven himself to me yet.

  • GrannyGripes

    Call this malpractice : ! : Amnesty is zero cure: just a temporary bandage:

    ZERO cure for national security and for stopping the criminal invaders from invading our borders from around the word

    ZERO cure for enforcing our laws

    ZERO cure for safety and security for our legal USA citizens first

    ZERO cure for benefits to our dying VETS first

    ZERO cure for stopping legal USA citizens from being, raped, murdered, tortured, and having their lives destroyed by criminal illegals.


    Amnesty is PRO illegals, not a cure , just another temporary bandage since l986 Reagan’s Amnesty and Citizenship decree

    Ben Carson has always been pro Amnesty / PRO Illegals :

  • GrannyGripes

    send them back to their homeland
    they did not have a place to go when they left their homes in their respective countries
    did not seem to bother them to come here and squat

  • Marilyn Roesler Foss

    Bye bye Ben you just lost my vote.

  • Gracie777

    Ben can’t take the heat, he back peddles every time he’s confronted.

  • Keith

    Ted Cruz !

    • NewHampshire

      Cruz? The one who wanted to increase H1-B visas for illegals? FAKE!

      • SharonT71

        Right after Trump released his immigration plan, he tweeted that foreign college students should be able to stay if they want to. How is that different than allowing for more H1-Bs? I imagine there are just as many foreign foreign college students as there would be H1-B allotments under Cruz. Trump has also alluded to keeping which ever illegals he deems to be the “good” ones. I will take the proven conservative Cruz over the democrat Trump any day. Trump just said in the republican debate that socialized medicine works very well in Canada and Scotland. He is a big govt. guy. Trump is very liberal on many issues. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. Good gosh, while running as a republican, Trump said that Bill Clinton is his favorite recent president! Does that sound like anything a conservative would say?

  • Sentry

    has Trump taught them nothing? they’re making it easy for him. good.

    • NewHampshire

      He’s another fake but a lot of you haven’t figure that out yet.

      • Sentry

        Yeah he’s a plant by the establishment to discuss a topic they’ve treated like poison for decades. We all know how the establishment hates mass immigration and cheap labor.

  • I don’t think the headline is totally fair to Carson. For example, he also said, “And if they want to become citizens they have to get in the line with everyone else… because we have to pay homage to people who’ve done it the right way” AND that “America’s borders must be sealed” (the 2nd quote is the articles paraphrase of what he said). This is VERY different from what he article headline implied.

    • onelordwon

      I believe he absolutely said that, however it seems to have gotten lost or placed behind the need to reach that voter base.

  • Atara

    Carson has said the United States should model its immigration reform after Canada’s guest-worker program. “People already here illegally could apply for guest-worker status from outside of the country,” Carson wrote in November. “This means they would have to leave first.”

    A guest worker status is not equivalent to amnesty and it certainly is far from legal permanent residency, which is required for 5 years as one requisite for naturalization.

    Back taxes and consular application are meaningful qualifiers to this guest status that will protect the rule of law. Interesting, I have not heard how he intends for the guest status to coincide with the current 3 and 10 year bars to reentry for those with unlawful presence (3 years for over 6 months and 10 years over 1 year).

    He is actually giving them incentive to leave by telling them that by leaving and paying back taxes, they have a future opportunity to return with guest status.

    • Dana Dixon

      If it is okay with you, I would like to share this in reference to this story on my Facebook page. I couldn’t have said this better if I tried.

    • CaMaven

      Bottom line: he would have illegals STAY here, no matter what it is called. By any name, it’s AMNESTY.

      We should only give work permits to meet legitimate needs;

      • Atara

        You can’t invent your own definition of amnesty. Amnesty is defined by a pardon and includes more than pardon, in as much as it obliterates all legal remembrance of the offense.

        Be careful about uttering falsehoods. Once feathers are dispersed over a bridge, they can’t be collected. Nor can find the victims who heard your false words to seek their forgiveness. In this case, false labeling of this mensch of a candidate is to the detriment of the entire nation.

        • k9maiden

          There is no reason trying to fix stupid, these people are so bullheaded they all probably voted for BO the first time around

      • k9maiden

        LOL, you don’t know what a work visa is do you CA

    • k9maiden

      NO!!!! He is way too far RIGHT! He is a nice guy, but he panders as much as the rest of the career politicians. When he said he would do Jail Time for that woman in Kentucky who should have stepped down if she couldn’t do her job, that turned me off completely! All a big show for support and votes.

  • Blue

    Bye Ben, I was wondering what you thought on this. Sorry to see you on the wrong side.

  • RGlenCheek

    An Amnesty is a ‘get out of jail free’ card with no cost to the illegal.

    Carson said they get back to the end of the line, register, and pay what they owe in back taxes and presumably penalties for violating the law.

    That is not an amnesty.

  • NewHampshire

    The three worst candidates have fooled a lot of ‘conservatives’. Trump, Carson and Cruz are big fat neocon establishment morons and the tea party, the real tea party, needs to expose these jokers.

  • joe dougan

    If you can’t respect the laws of our country, You can’t lead it. What part of Illegal don’t you understand? They broke the law coming here. We enforce the law sending them home. If someone broke into your home, would feed and cloth them pay for their Doctor and Education? Think not.

  • LIzzy

    Nice knowing you Ben. You won’t get my vote. I am a legal immigrant, I had some family members recently immigrate to the United States after waiting 17 years to come here !!!! 17 years they patiently waited their turn. For the millions and millions who are waiting their turn, what to they get? Why are the Mexicans so special?

    You just lost my vote.

  • You lost me and my last donation I will contest on my credit card. You damn fool! You’re dumber than ovomit! So long! Trump? can ya hear me now?

    • Atara

      First read comments here pointing put that this article misrepresents the truth. TRY SHOWING Carson more loyalty.

  • onelordwon

    Well thats bull puky Mr. Carson. He’s done with me and that’s a shame, because he wants the Latino, of which they are not Latin, vote.
    I am sorry, but their parents brought them here and LIFE ACT was the last Amnesty in 2000. That would make the oldest 15, of those who supposedly don’t “know anywhere else?” SO What? Everyday people are in transit and go to new places. Their parents brought them here illegally and or birthed them here illegally and they need to go back!
    Our Military and their families are shipped everywhere and up rooted and if it’s good enough for them, its good enough for the Illegals

    • k9maiden

      Listen to what he really said! SMH What a bunch of sheeple! Talk about liberals!

    • David Francum


  • Scubabebe

    You were my choice, I’m disappointed. I won’t support any candidate who does not support deportation.

  • Neil Armstrong

    What the author fails to mention is the rest of what Ben said. NO to entitlements. You MUST pay back taxes on anything earned previously. You WILL pay taxes! You do NOT get to vote until you are a citizen. Why leave these important details out?

  • onelordwon

    NO Thanks Mr. Carson. I understand the strategy, but it just turned me off. Switching mid stream is like a fence sitter and the wind blows you too and fro.

  • Robert Sheffer

    This is why I have not been a supporter of Carson. Ted Cruz is the only one in the race you can count on.

  • Rainey

    Lost my vote!

  • tsmith7559

    where’s the video???

  • NYC1977

    I like Trump’s idea better. Ship ’em home, starting with the “tough dudes” (aka skum) in gangs and all illegals who are violent criminals.

  • CaMaven

    Sounds an awful lot like amnesty to me.

  • CaMaven

    Joe: Is there a video or audio recording of Carson saying this?

  • Frank Stein

    Looks like restoring liberty is about as impartial as CNN and FOX in this election season. Wonder which presidential candidate made a huge “donation” for this inflammatory, misrepresentative article. It reminds me of a comment I saw giving an example of how the press is treating Dr Carson (I may not have it exact) : If an orphanage was on fire and Dr Carson extinguished the fire, the press would run articles with subjects like “Ben Carson wastes water, wants orphans to freeze.” I’ll have to save my comment since it will more than likely be deleted by Richer Liberals, oops, I mean Restoring Liberty.

  • Buckaroo

    Mr. Carson, You’re becoming part of the problem.

  • DAY8293A

    So long Ben,,, pandering to the ”illegal alien” illegal voters, just sent you to the bottom of my list… Glad I only gave you ten dollars….

  • harshcritic1967

    Stick a fork in him, he’s done. Apparently some still don’t get that we are NOT going to go along with any form of amnesty, period. Deport them, and remove all incentives so that they self deport.

  • Loretta

    What is it that these people don’t understand ? What other country in theworld would grant Illegals a path to citizenship. If we have so many in govt who will not get this right what else will they not get right

  • David White

    just like all the rest lie to get the vote

  • melsbabysis

    “Radical Islamist Terrorists” is not the problem. ISLAM is the problem. ALL of it. There is nothing peaceful about it. Why is the term “illegal” so hard to understand?

  • Todd

    wow…way to give nomination up to Trump!

  • Diana Stark

    Ben Carson DOES NOT SUPPORT AMNESTY and nothing in this article says that except the headline! CHANGE YOUR LYING HEADLINE!!

    • John Flynn

      taken out of context, of course. I agree w/you, carson stands for keeping immigration legal and he doesn’t want illegal ALIENS

  • Paul

    Ben, Ben Ben, you are really sounding like a politician now. It didn’t take long, did it? Very sad, buddy. I hope this is a misinterpretation of what you said. if not, you have lost my support, too.

  • SafetyDave

    Amnesty has been OUTLAWED by the Supreme Court. So he wants to be like obama and make his own rules?

  • Deshavonaboo

    Hey, Ben, they are citizens of a foreign nation and that is where they morally and legally belong. Question: Just where are those so called shadows that they are hiding in? Can’t be the schools which are jam-packed with them. Can’t be the malls and the stores as they are jam-packed with them. Can’t be the highways as they are jam-packed with them! Can’t be the restaurants as they are jam-packed with them! Can’t be in a huge variety of work sites and locations as they are jam-packed with them! Like leeches, they are everywhere and into everything.

  • Donna A

    No, no, no, no, no!!!

    I have been following you and promoting you to everyone I know ever since you spoke against the ACA at the prayer breakfast way back when.
    We can not and should not offer amnesty to illegals in this country. We must do everything possible to rid the US of these criminals and their offspring. The child of 2 illegal aliens does not suddenly become a legal citizen of this country…..think of it as fruit of the poisoned tree.
    These overtures to Hispanics regarding the illegal aliens in this country is a deal breaker. I can’t even begin to express how disappointed I am.
    I am not alone in my disappointment. Amnesty is a bad move.

  • gregzotta

    Carson added.“And if they want to become citizens they have to get in the line with everyone else… because we have to pay homage to people who’ve done it the right way,” Were would the back of the line be? It would be their country of origin. All ILLEGALS need to be deported.

  • bob e

    pay a back tax on the under the table income they earned since swimmin’ da’ rio grande .. that will work they will pony right up.
    mebbe’ carson accidently left his stethoscope in his rear end ..


    Why doesn’t anyone now the easy cheap way to get them out? Its called E-Verify! Make businesses go through the process of making sure there are not illegals in our work force!!! Also expand E-Verify to cover rental apartments! If they cant work or live here they will go home!!! Repeal the 14th Amendment so that babies born here are NOT automatic citizens!!! Its not that difficult people!!!

  • Elisabeth

    If amnesty is such a problem, as I agree it is, then why are we willing to take in hoards of immigrants (from dangerous countries full of terrorists) ahead of people waiting in line to be citizens? And will they also be required to have a health check and shots before being let in?

  • Paul

    Is the Doc turning politician on us? What a shame.

  • markjhannahel

    One by one the hope of the Nation dissolves into the quagmire that is illegal immigration. Now it’s Carson’s turn. These candidates want to be president so badly, that they will sell out the Nation, as well as themselves, for money and votes. Carson is no different. We know and Carson knows that this unrestricted immigration, coupled with the UN mandate to take 100,000 more muslim refugees and countless unvetted others, together with the wide open southern border, poses more than an existential threat to our Nation’s identity, our personal safety and that of our children. A nation without borders is not a Nation. It is one big refugee camp. Everyone and their camel can get in and stay in, by hook or by crook. Why would Carson participate in this insidious plan to destabilize America? Would Carson lead America down the same path that the European Union is now embarked upon? By joining the company of those who choose to globalize America and surrender Her liberty to the “special interests,” Mr. Carson has revealed himself to be unworthy of the office of President. Carson is not Patriotic enough. When we see the muslim hordes heading in our direction, as they are, what good, for the country, is a president, who will not stand up for America, its citizens and our freedom and liberty? We need a leader who will lead this Nation…. Cherish this Nation. ….Protect this Nation…. Not “transform” it into a caricature of its enemies. Immigration is the one thing that can mongrelize our Nation, over night. Will we wake up one morning to discover that we are strangers and criminals in the land that we once owned? That day is fast approaching. And Carson is not willing to stand against that day.

  • Bamasquest

    This video does not support the article at all!! It is all PRO-CARSON and says Trump and the other candidate’s support are going to start going down. The article is about Carson’s support of ILLEGAL AMNESTY! WHY would this make his Poll numbers go up??? I think you put the wrong video with this article. It has NOTHING to do with the writing of the author!

  • Bruce Crews

    We cannot give people a pass who talk about any KIND of “pathway” to citizenship. I am for Ted Cruz because he will fight all of that and restore America’s greatness. He is not naïve/green like Carson, bombastic/blowhard like Trump, isolationist like Rand Paul, and has done everything he can to constantly fight for what is right and expose corruption on BOTH sides of the aisle since arriving in Washington D.C. as a U.S. Senator from Texas.

  • Evangeline Yolanda Velez

    Bye, bye Ben!

  • carlton goodson

    This ends him for me NO AMNESTY AT ALL!

  • John L. Battey

    This is a LIE. Find full length videos where you can hear what Dr. Carson says from his own lips and you’ll see how this out of context twisting of phrases is total CRAP!

  • carlosperdue

    Carson can’t be trusted on immigration