Parents Outraged Over This Disgusting High School Extra Credit Assignment

The teacher’s extra-credit assignment requested that Encinal High School students scour through their parent’s dresser drawers in search of condoms, sex toys or anything provocative and snap a selfie of themselves, according to KPIX-TV.

It is unclear whether any students actually turned in the assignment or what the teacher may have done with the assignments. It’s also unknown which class this was an assignment for and why.

When high school officials heard about the teacher’s homework assignment, they contacted the administrators with the Alameda Unified School District, who launched an investigation into the allegations, district spokeswoman Susan Davis said . . .

“We take reports like this seriously,” Davis said. “We know that it’s hard for the public, and especially for parents, to hear that we can’t talk about the details of the investigation in public. But that information has to be kept confidential, both to protect the rights of all involved and to preserve the integrity of the investigation” . . .

District officials expect to wrap up their investigation next week, but by then, school will be over for the year. (Read more from “Parents Outraged Over This Disgusting High School Extra Credit Assignment” HERE)

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  • wandamurline

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  • Linda

    Fire the idiot & see to it she never teaches again !

    • JBoz

      unlikely – notice they are keeping details of the “investigation” (aka whitewash) secret. Standard operating procedure.

  • Kent2012

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