States Say “HELL NO” to Supreme Court’s Lawless Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

By Tina Susman and Maria L. La Ganga. Amber Hamilton and Annice Smith were the first same-sex couple to wed in Mississippi, and nearly the last, at least for a while.

About an hour after the pair filled out the requisite paperwork, handed over $21 for a marriage license and sealed their nuptials with a happy kiss Friday morning on the steps of the county courthouse in Hattiesburg, another lesbian couple, Shelly Cranford and Shannon Smith, received a far different reception.

Their mistake? Arriving just after Mississippi’s attorney general, Jim Hood, declared that the U.S. Supreme Court ruling declaring same-sex marriage a constitutional right would not be observed in the Magnolia State.

Not yet, anyway, Hood said, as Mississippi, long at the heart of America’s most divisive issues, from slavery to school integration, once again dug in its heels against the winds of change . . .

To understand Mississippi’s resistance to gay marriage, it helps to look at its legacy as a deeply religious and conservative state. . . It is where 59% of residents described themselves as “very religious” in a 2014 Gallup Poll, higher than any other state, and where 86% of voters in 2004 approved a ban on same-sex marriage. (Read more from “Mississippi in Limbo Over High-Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling” HERE)


Texas AG: State Workers Can Deny Licenses to Gay Couples

By Betsy Blaney. Texas’ conservative Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton called the Supreme Court decision giving same-sex couples the right to marry a “lawless ruling” and said state workers can cite their religious objections in denying marriage licenses.

He warned in a statement Sunday that any clerk, justice of the peace or other administrator who declines to issue a license to a same-sex couple could face litigation or a fine.

But in the nonbinding legal opinion requested by Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Paxton says “numerous lawyers” stand ready to defend, free of charge, any public official refusing to grant one. (Read more from this story HERE)

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  • Loretta

    Massive resistance is what we need The time has come for civil disobedience

    • Luke Sulla

      So far, yours is the first of 15 comments here. Is that massive enough, ya think?

  • Russ

    they friggin’ QUEERS are making it very easy to hate their sorry ass’es for me. I’m sick and tired of hearing about their disgusting sex life.

    • conservativeandproud

      No need for hate. All should be done with the love of Christ.

      • Russ

        while this is true, I am pretty sure Jesus doesn’t love the things going on even though He knew it was going to happen. So all in all Queers make me want to puke.

        • conservativeandproud

          There is a difference between the person and the act. We are all children of God, and he loves every single one of us, however, he does not love the sin. Jesus died on the cross for us, each of us, and I believe each time we sin, it hurts him, but he still loves us. Having said that, we have the right to choose our actions, that is part of the freedom given us by our Savior, however, we cannot pick the penalty for those sins. That has already been determined by our Savior, and we will suffer whatever consequences he chooses.

  • MikefromNC

    Wake up, America! The Founders gave us the solution for this runaway federal government. Article V of the Constitution gives the States the power to reclaim their sovereignty through the Amendment process. The Founders knew this would happen and they gave us the solution.
    Learn more and join the fight at http://www.conventionofstates dot com.

  • mikecnj

    We Will Not Comply

  • ArmyCombatVet

    The criminals in the unsupreme court just violated their oath of office which ends in “So Help Me GOD.” The five that violated the Constitution need to be removed immediately and imprisoned for violating the will of the people and the ruling reversed. We own America, not these low life criminals. We are a majority rules nation and the majority do not abide by this sick, demented perversion of the bible! States rights are supreme, not the devils in robes nor the mere 2% LGBT subhuman disease spreading cult! For example, the muslim in the white house ended DOMA in the military and predation by the sick, diseased perverts in the military has skyrocketed! SURPRISE! Not!

    • Northern Conservative

      Their ruling also forgot the words of the Declaration of Independence, the rights of man come from the creator (G-d). As G-d would never endow marriage of the same sexes, the “right” does not, will never exist.

  • George L Smith III

    This ruling should it be upheld will be the downfall of organized religion within the USA as we know it; Churches will have to go underground to avoid the monetary litigation. It started with bakeries and flower shops, it will end with organized religions. The 14th Amendment will be used to obliterate the 1st amendment. Next the news agencies will be covering homosexuals filing laws suits against any church that refuses to perform their nuptials. Just to extract funds from the church. Pastors who preach against homosexuality will be sued… all because less than 1% of the population wants to force their lifestyle on the rest of us.

  • freedom fighter

    It is time to rebel and take our country back.

  • reggiec

    Here are two warnings from two of our Founding Fathers:

    James Madison warned us.

    “Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.”

    Benjamin Franklin was asked this question after the
    Constitutional Convention.

    “Well Doctor, what have we got? A
    republic or a monarchy”

    “A republic,” replied Dr. Franklin, “if you can keep it.”


    The SCOTUS no longer exists as a true court. Sotomayor said
    without affirmative action she wouldn’t even be there, as she wasn’t smart enough. Kagan refuses to recuse herself on laws she helped write and then performs gay marriages with Ginsburg. Roberts determines that what a law says isn’t what is actually written and passed by Congress. Souter, a life long bachelor? The Constitution is fading.

  • TruthSeeker

    The Government “Marriage” laws are the main reason that there has been this push … I say let marriage remain in the church … get “marriage” out of the law: no more State issued “marriage” licenses…no more special tax laws for “married people” ,… no more telling person you can’t provide a loving home for an adopted child because you are not “married”,…. no more telling a person you can’t visit your deathly ill partner because “You are not Family..”…. no more special provisions under the law for “family” when you die….no more claiming SS benefits from a “married” partner…. etc etc ….

    It was the Government that caused this discrimination… let them clean their own house first before they “correct” the church… (Silly me…Isn’t there that “dumb” Constitutional/Amendment that says the Government shall not interfere or initiate a State Religion? What was I thinking? Just throw it out, Supreme Court!! We don’t need it. Your hands are clean. Pontias Pilot)