Gay Activists Put up Version of Iwo Jima Photo; ‘Jennifer Aniston’ Posts a Bold Response

The Battle of Iwo Jima was a pivotal battle in World War II when U.S. Marines won the weeks-long assault to capture the strategically key spot in the Pacific island archipelago. Almost 6,000 Marines and Navy corpsmen died and 17,000 were wounded.

The victory was sealed with the iconic raising of the American flag on Mt. Suribachi:

In recent years, there has been an image floating around the internet which was found on a Facebook page that claims to be actress Jennifer Aniston, but is not a verified account . . .

[The post reads:]

“Now… I have nothing against people who are into same sex partnerships. However what I do have a problem with is this F**KING picture. How dare you compare your political struggle to what the Marines & Navy Corpsman went through on Iwo Jima. I get the whole meaning of you winning the “Uphill Battle” but this is tasteless, offensive, and disrespectful to those who gave their lives on that hill. You should be ashamed of yourselves for being hypocritical of those you claim offend your flag.”

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  • Jim

    Thank you Miss Aniston. I have a new found respect for you after that post. I thank you and countless veterans of ANY era thank you !!!

  • Loretta

    Those people who do these things believe they have some right to dance in the glory others sacrificed to win. We are losing every right to respectability and the honored and sacred are being trampled on. For these who demand to live as they want with a stamp of approval it’s all about I MY and Me

  • CountryBoy

    So, how many gays DIED or were wounded so that they could raise that so called flag ??

    • bob machaffy


  • ArmyCombatVet

    Find the slimly homos that did this and send them to hell asap! Between the homo house display and this, it’s time for a serious reckoning. These affronts to God and country will not be tolerated. The great majority of Americans are anti-homo and have great respect for the heroism at Iwo Jima. Miss Aniston………thank you!

  • pjk40

    She is as classy as she is beautiful.

  • CSN

    The ruling by the Supreme Court was a direct affront into the face of God. This picture is sickening, but the affront was heinous.

  • Donald T

    Shouldn’t they be doing this with a guy on all fours with his behind up in the air, taking it like a giant sex toy. Because that’s what this represents to me. How grossly disrespectful and offensive this is to the marines who fought and died for freedom on IWO JIMA during WWII. To pretend that they have gone through the same struggles as those men who fought and died for the freedoms we have today is such a travesty, and just pisses me off to no end. This is the most offensive thing I have ever seen. You want a real struggle, pick up a weapon and get your pansy asses on the battlefield for a while, then, and only then can you talk about a real struggle.

  • Gil

    Thank you Jenifer: As a Marine Veteran, and having a nephew who laid it all down in Vietnam, I am appalled and even more angry at the activist who hypocritically drew this affront to our beloved military. I am even more angry at the high court who gave license to these idiots. The high court should reverse their ruling and do it now. This is as tasteless as it can be. Shame on you. You may have won the skirmish for fornication but you have lost in the eyes of the Almighty and will ultimately lose the war.

  • Daniel Doyle

    I have always appreciated your work, Ms. Jennifer Aniston, and this unfolds before me a cloth that illustrates just how much good you are in real life. Thank You!

  • Kent2012

    not surprised that the perversion army would stoop to a new low…of course they are getting high fives from the oral office and certain members of the group that has been elected by us….let us see now..who are they??..oh of course it is the house and senate….yes, I occasionally get flash backs of civics courses…something about taking the wishes of the people to DC…now it seems that all they take to DC is a packed suitcase….

  • Barbaree

    Before this ruling, gays were treated just like everyone else. No one cared. People were just people. Everyone was treated equally until this administration got in the act. Now they’re trampling on other’s rights with their in-your-face actions. I hope Jennifer stands by her statements.

  • setemfree

    You queers may have won the battle but we Christians will win the war. Right beats wrong every-time.