Threat From Artificial Intelligence Not Just Hollywood Fantasy

From the dystopian writings of Aldous Huxley and HG Wells to the sinister and apocalyptic vision of modern Hollywood blockbusters, the rise of the machines has long terrified mankind.

But it now seems that the brave new world of science-fiction could become all too real.

An Oxford academic is warning that humanity runs the risk of creating super intelligent computers that eventually destroy us all, even when specifically instructed not to harm people.

Dr Stuart Armstrong, of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, has predicted a future where machines run by artificial intelligence become so indispensable in human lives they eventually make us redundant and take over . . .

Dr Armstrong envisages machines capable of harnessing such large amounts of computing power, and at speeds inconceivable to the human brain, that they will eventually create global networks with each other – communicating without human interference. (Read more from “Threat From Artificial Intelligence Not Just Hollywood Fantasy” HERE)

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  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well Hollywood gave us the lack of intelligence when they started showing the Sodomites as poor misunderstood people.

  • MrChicken

    Could I get one of them to come over and fix my slow computer?
    Just kidding. I have a Computer Science degree, and NOTHING is better at analysis that the human brain. Sure, computers can analyze vast amounts of data is milliseconds, but they can only do EXACTLY what they are programmed to do. No one is smart enough to program a computer to SEE objects and come to human-like conclusions and actions. We are a long way from that.