Watch: The SHOCKING Police Shooting Video so Controversial It Took 2 Years to Be Released

A federal judge ordered the release of video which police had tried to keep from public view for over two years.

The footage was taken by police car dash-cams on June 2, 2013, and shows Gardena, California, (just south of Los Angeles) police officers seeking to arrest what turned out to be three unarmed men. The police mistakenly thought they had been involved in a bike robbery.

The police dispatcher also erroneously reported the crime as “high priority,” indicating that the suspects may have firearms.

Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino, 34, one of the three men police had cornered in the video, was actually the brother of the man whose bike had been stolen. Witnesses say he was trying to tell the officers they had the wrong men.

In the video, the police yell at him, “Get your hands up!” Diaz-Zeferino raises and lowers his hands a couple of times and steps forward, apparently trying to reason with the officers.

From one angle, his palms are open and facing upward. Footage from a second camera behind two of the police officers showed Diaz-Zeferino’s right hand briefly swinging out of view at his waist when the police opened fire . . .

The Los Angeles Times reports: “The district attorney’s office declined to file charges against the officers. Deputy Dist. Atty. Rosa Alarcon wrote in a memo about the shooting that Diaz Zeferino ignored police commands and that toxicology tests after his death were positive for alcohol and methamphetamine. His right hand, she wrote, was no longer visible from the officers’ angle when they opened fire and it was reasonable for them to believe he was reaching for a weapon. (Read more from “Watch: The SHOCKING Police Shooting Video so Controversial It Took 2 Years to Be Released” HERE)

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  • Dempsey Coleman

    This looks like a Firing Squad to me . These People had Surrendered
    in all Reality from what I can tell. If this Is Not Hand’s UP Don’t Shoot Nothing IS. These Cop’s need Charged with Murder Pure and Simple.

  • toomuchsense


  • TruthSeeker

    DAMN!! Even IF, he had anything (he did NOT), why shoot the other guy too? Out of control cops, be warned… I protect myself and my family…. by any means necessary!!

    • Dempsey Coleman

      No Witnesses is WHY

  • Michael Bowler

    The thugs of America have conditioned cops to be too trigger happy.

    This shooting was absolutely questionable. The man who kept moving should have complied, though, as we all know, citizens that don’t commit crimes aren’t too well trained on how to manage police attention…

  • Dempsey Coleman

    This is One Example We need Citizen Journalists with Phone Cameras.
    This is Definitely a Clear Case OF Hands UP Do Not Shoot. This IS a Clear Case of Pre-Meditated Murder because they took Forever to decide to Just Kill these Men. These Cop’s need the Book Thrown at Them and the Key Thrown away as Well.

  • Joey Smith

    Guy kept putting his hands near his pocket where he may have had a gun. A fool who doesn’t understand the process will “try to reason” with the cops. Someone who understands his rights will wait for the right forum to plead their case, which isn’t when a bunch of cops have their guns pointed at you ordering you to keep your hands above your head.

    End result of these incidents: the best people will opt not to go into law enforcement and we will end up with malleable toadies doing the bidding of their government-influenced bosses down at headquarters.

  • Rob1911a1

    Why doesn’t the US Attorney General’s office prosecute this, just like they (incorrectly, I might ad) prosecute this as they did George Zimmerman?

  • Tim Troy

    Love all the “expert” opinions.