What Made These Kids Stand in Silence Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes [+video]

There is an epidemic going on in this country and it shows no signs of slowing down. I’m not talking about the Flu or Ebola.

What I am talking about is the lack of respect for our country and what American stands for. Schools are trying to take the Pledge Of Allegiance out and also remove “Under God” at alarming rates.

A lot of kids also don’t have respect for the country they live in. The entitlement mentality is running rampant.

However, this group of kids knows what respect is.

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  • Linda

    God Have Mercy on the USA.

  • KAI!

    Liberty means not forcing children to pledge to anything! A forced pledge is no better than a forced confession, empty and meaningless.
    Look at all the people that violate the flag code. I find it offensive to see the American flag abused the way it is! It is against the code to put the American flag on anything that is disposable or to use it as decoration.
    So look at all the flag junk at Walmart and read the flag code and ask yourself, ” Is this respecting America?” A flag is not ever supposed to be printed either, only made from stitched cloth!
    We can be better and less bitter.

  • akprayingmom

    GOD bless these kids and their parents who have not only served and are serving our nation in the U S Armed Forces, but have taught their children to love and respect America and our freedom. These are the future of our country who will save her from complete chaos and destruction.

  • JR

    Regarding “under god”, that phrase was added to the pledge in 1954 as a means of countering the ‘Red Scare’ period of US history. It did not have those words for 62 years prior to that. So, at this point, the pledge has been with “under God” for less time than it has been without it.

    Further, if you think about the reasons why that phrase was added, and how it convolutes the original clear meaning of the pledge, it is fairly straightforward to reason that it should be removed. Does the United States stand for religious tolerance, or for promoting judeo-christianism? Can a Buddhist not pledge allegiance to the United States without pledging to a judeo-christian god?

    You see, “Under God” was not added as a way for Christians to feel good about the pledge. It was added as a way to trap the Communists, who were anti-religious, from being able to honestly say it. It was a political manipulation that destroyed the idea of religious tolerance, a founding principle of the United States.