Legionnaires’ Disease in California Prison: Six Cases at San Quentin Prompts Safety Measures for 3,700 Inmates

rtx19kj8Officials at one of California’s most notoriously dangerous prisons Sunday sought to determine the source of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. There have been six confirmed cases of the severe respiratory illness at San Quentin State Prison, but none was fatal, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said in a statement.

Since discovering its first case Aug. 26, the prison placed approximately 51 inmates under observation for the respiratory illness. Confirmed cases have been treated at hospitals outside the prison while all unconfirmed cases were being treated at San Quentin’s on-site medical unit, officials said Sunday.

Legionnaires’ disease, a form of pneumonia, is caused by bacteria found in water systems such as cooling towers and is carried via steam, mist and moisture. The bacteria is inhaled and is not spread through human-to-human contact. The cases in California come a few weeks after official in New York City confirmed 12 deaths caused by the disease in the South Bronx, a city borough north of Manhattan.

At San Quentin, officials said they have limited water use at the prison “to eliminate the spread of the bacteria.” Portable shower units arrived at the prison Saturday, which prison personnel have distributed to allow in-cell bathing until normal water use resumes. Inmates also are being served boxed meals “to avoid exposure to steam and mist during cooking operations.” (Read more from “Legionnaires’ Disease in California Prison: Six Cases at San Quentin Prompts Safety Measures for 3,700 Inmates” HERE)

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  • Dempsey Coleman

    I think this should not get eradicated from the Prison. Why not let the Disease Run its Course and Eliminate those lucky enough to catch it
    Maybe even move in all the Illegal Immigrants into it and Foil Obama’s Prisoner Release Program. Maybe also move in the Death Row Inmates in as well save on Injection’s Wishful Thinking

  • Dempsey Coleman

    Kinda Like What is a Shame is a Bus Full of Illegal Immigrants at the Bottom of a Lake with
    One Empty Seat? Is One Empty Seat!!

  • wandamurline

    This could help reduce the population.