After Kentucky Clerk Was Ordered to Jail, Her Son Stood up in an Incredible Way

kimdavismugshot-913x512After a federal judge ordered Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis to jail for failing to issue same-sex marriage licences, his efforts to create an alternative means for the county to comply with a court order to issue the licenses came up short.

U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning summoned Davis’ six deputy clerks to appear in his courtroom on Thursday, wanting them all to confirm their willingness to issue same-sex marriage licenses. While five of the six said they would be willing to do so, Nathan Davis, Kim’s 21 year old son, said he would not. The judge chose not to hold him in contempt.

Some of the clerks questioned whether they had the legal authority to issue licenses without the county clerk’s approval, which the judge conceded may be an issue.

Ms. Davis indicated that she will not grant her deputies the authority to issue licenses under her name, all but assuring she will be spending more time in jail.

As an elected official, Kim Davis cannot be fired. However, she can be impeached by the Kentucky legislature, which is not due to reconvene until after the new year. Democrat governor Steve Beshear has directed Davis to issue the licenses, but has resisted calling a special legislative session for the purpose of impeaching her or changing current law to grant authority to other county officials to issue licenses. Regardless, it is not clear if the legislature would vote to impeach Davis, whose stand is popular particularly in her part of the state. (Read more from “After Kentucky Clerk Was Ordered to Jail, Her Son Stood up in a Huge Way” HERE)

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  • gracentruth

    Kim Davis – a name written down in Glory. God bless you, Mrs Davis. Peace, Give me an address to write to her.

    • Chris

      Glorious ignorance.

  • Donald Vander Jagt

    Bless you Kim, today you may be likened with some others who dared stand alone against wickedness, such as Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua and-so-on.
    Hopefully others will join you finding courage to obey God rather then the wicked who have taken control of this land.

    • Chris

      Yeah, except she is not make believe, nor did she attempt to kill someone because “God said so”. Even the orthodox jews who originally penned these tall tales understand they are myth…

  • wandamurline

    Kim Davis is the new white Rosa Parks who refused to sit in the back of the bus, Kim refuses to issue licenses that are entirely unconstitutional as the Supremes did not have the Constitutional to even hear the case, much less issue rulings….the Constitution stipulates that the same sex marriage debate should have been sent back to the individual states to decide. Five unelected, activists judges ruled and thereby threw their oath of office out the window….they should be removed, but especially the two hags, Kagan and Ginsberg. The Court is to interpret the law, not to make law and no to overstep their authority which they did. They need to rescend their ruling and send this back to the states. I stand behind Kim Davis 100%….and if you want to call the judges’ office that put her in jail, the number is 859-392-7907…you will not get to speak to anyone, but you can certainly leave a nasty message….I just did….I told him if anyone resigned their post, he should be resigning, not Kim Davis.

    • Chris

      Your deduction of the situation is wrong and filled with vitriol. Kim Davis is failing in her professional capacity and like anyone in the same situation should be let go, or have the decency to resign a position she cannot fulfill. Arguing that she is right presupposes a right to discriminate, which has never been and still is not enshrined anywhere in the US Constitution. Kim is not Rosa Parks, she is the bus driver who refused to do their job in the name of discrimination.

  • Joshua Bennett

    She is no hero. Why doesn’t she quit? How stupid. She is working for the State. She gets paid from stolen loot.
    Why was she issuing marriage licenses in the first place? She thinks the state has the right to regulate marriage? If she really thinks it’s wrong, she should quit her job. Don’t compare her to biblical prophets. She is nothing of the sort.

    • leewacker

      Not much of an American, are you? Or, which is more certain, you are only one of those onerous gay people who recognize NO law, and NO ONE who doesn’t agree with your warped vision of the world!

      • Joshua Bennett

        Seriously? Not an American? According to you? I am stating fact, not emotion. She should quit her job, that’s what an American would do. That’s what one of the founding fathers would do. What do you know? That would make a statement. She works for the government. Duh.
        And I’m gay? Really?
        I’m not, and I do recognize law, common law, and the higher law, Gods law.
        What exactly is my warped vision of the world? That I don’t think this woman should even be working for the State at all giving out marriage licenses to anyone, because I believe marriage is between God and a man and a woman? What right does the state have to license it? What warped world do you live in where the State decides who can marry and who can not?
        I am an American, who believes in individual liberty, not rights granted by the State. So what else have you to say for yourself?

      • Chris

        Woa leewacker, more of an American than you clearly. I think you are confused about what is American and what is The Law, look it up instead of spewing your vitriol.

  • leewacker

    Is Judge David Bunning any relation to former Senator Jim Bunning?
    Frankly, I think it is the JUDGE who should be in jail for NOT backing the CONSTITUTION AND THE CHRISTIANS! After all, he had a hand on the bible, as he swore to uphold the laws of the land–however the silly law passed by the SCOTUS is NOT a recognizable law because it was passed through coercion, threats and duplicity! In other words, SCOTUS had NO power to pass it!

    • Chris

      Frankly, the Constitution is revered because it doesn’t specifically back just your religion. Christianity is fading with every Constitutional misinterpretation, but the Constitution is still growing stronger.