Carly Fiorina FAIL: Attacks Kentucky Clerk For Refusing to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

920x920 (1)Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina offered her take on the growing controversy of the Kentucky county clerk who is refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses because it violates her religious conscience.

Fiorina spoke on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Thursday saying that religious liberty is clearly under attack but that rights of religious conscience is less clear when an individual is an “arm of the government.”

“First, I think that we must protect religious liberties with great passion and be willing to expend a lot of political capital to do so now because it’s clear religious liberty is under assault in many, many ways,” Fiorina declared.

“Having said that, when you are a government employee, I think you take on a different role,” she added. “When you are a government employee as opposed to say, an employee of another kind of organization, then in essence, you are agreeing to act as an arm of the government” . . .

The former CEO of Hewlett Packard who lost a Senate race to Barbara Boxer in California [and has] previously supported civil unions for same-sex partners as a business leader and Senate candidate. (Read more from “Carly Fiorina: Kentucky Clerk Should Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses or Resign” HERE)

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