Las Vegas Cop Shot ‘Ambush-Style’ While Sitting in Patrol Car at Traffic Light

las-vegas-undersheriff-2-e1441584276224A Las Vegas police officer is in stable condition Sunday after being shot in the hand “ambush-style” while he and a fellow officer sat in a patrol car at a traffic light, KTNV-TV said.

The suspect is in custody, police said.

Police told KTNV the suspect — who’s in custody — approached the cruiser just after noon and fired three shots “ambush-style” at the officers who had just departed the scene of a disturbance call. The officers fired no shots, police told the station.

The officer hit by gunfire was in stable condition at a hospital.

It’s the second time in three days that a Las Vegas police officer has been shot in the line duty. Officer Jeremy Robertson was shot in the upper leg Friday morning while answering a call; two suspects were taken into custody, KTNV said. (Read more from “Las Vegas Cop Shot ‘Ambush-Style’ While Sitting in Patrol Car at Traffic Light” HERE)

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  • MikefromNC

    These morons are trying to start a war they can’t possibly win. Cops aren’t going to just sit back and take it. Nor should they.
    We need to strongly support our cops.

  • liberty49

    Anarchy–the result of our President not obeying our Constitution and the laws of our land.

    • Bob2002

      Yea, Obama and his Attorney General are not doing their job. Obama believes he has the right to always take the side of a black when there is a confrontation with police. He does this before the investigation of the incident has been completed. He continually comes out and says the police need training when actually the blame mostly lies with blacks not doing what a normal person would do and follow the directions of the police. This is called lack of respect. I know it goes both ways, but if a citizen believes a policeman has shown a lack of respect, then they need to file a complaint with the city. Because of this, Race Relations are worse now than before Obama was elected.


    The animals have declared war and now they have to live with the
    consequences. DHS and DOJ have said and done nothing, we now know where they