Amazing Video Shows Babies ‘SINGING’ in the Womb

Unborn babies are able to hear in the womb at just 16 weeks gestation, a new study has revealed.

For the first time scientists at the Institut Marques in Barcelona have shown a fetus is able to detect sounds, and furthermore, that they respond by moving their mouths and tongues.

It is accepted that an unborn baby’s ear is fully developed at week 16 of a pregnancy.

But, until now experts did not believe a fetus could hear until week 18, at the earliest but more commonly nearer 26 weeks.

Dr Marisa Lopez-Teijon, who led the study, said the findings show a fetus responds to music transmitted intravaginally by moving their mouth and tongue, ‘as if they were trying to speak or sing’. (Read more from “Amazing Video Shows Babies ‘SINGING’ in the Womb” HERE)

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  • SmithWinston6478

    From the very instant a human egg is inseminated during intimacy, it begins growing into a specific, unique individual human being; not a Buick, a door knob, or a fence post. If it’s growth is intentionally terminated at any stage, that specific, unique individual has been murdered.

    Psychiatrists deal with grief and guilt counseling regarding abortions years (even decades) after the fact. Women who have had a baby terminated may spend the rest of their lives trying to convince themselves (and others) it was a good idea. They must suppress regret and faith.

    If a conscience ever surfaces, their greatest difficulty is accepting responsibility and forgiving themselves. They will never stop
    wondering who that individual baby would have become; especially if they subsequently have other children. Whoever says abortion is acceptable is either uninformed, remarkably callous, or in denial.