Oregon Politician Tells Whole Country What It Should Do After Shooting – Obama Didn’t Get the Message

An Oregon state representative, who served over 29 years as a state police officer, is disappointed with the anti-gun rhetoric by President Obama and others following Thursday’s campus shooting in his state.

In remarks Thursday night after the shooting, Obama said: “This is something we should politicize,” adding that it is “a political choice that we make to allow [these shootings] to happen every few months in America.”

Republican Rep. Andy Olson, from central Oregon, disagrees with Obama. He told USA Headline News radio talk show host Russ Jones on Friday: “Let the community and let the state mourn. Don’t start with the politics immediately.”

Olson added: “There’ll come another day when we can take a look and evaluate and assess what has happened and what to do as a state here in Oregon to maybe better improve our gun rights, without infringing what we’re doing with the Second Amendment.”

He believes that the shooting at Umpqua Community College necessitates a review of the school’s policy of having an unarmed security guard and whether those students and others who have a conceal carry license should be allowed to bring their weapons on campus. “What is wrong with having a security guard carrying a firearm? We don’t know.”

The former president of UCC, Joe Olson, told the New York Times: “We talked about that over the last year because we were concerned about safety on campus,” he said. “The campus was split 50-50. We thought we were a very safe campus, and having armed security officers on campus might change the culture.” (Read more from “Oregon Politician Tells Whole Country What It Should Do After Shooting – Obama Didn’t Get the Message” HERE)

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  • ramesaz

    Oregon and Washington have both gone totally socialistic and liberal. The answer to these mass shootings does not lie in the elimination of guns. “Gun Free Zones” should be outlawed and every public institution should have the ability to carry guns in self defense. The problem is deranged people walking our streets and an inadequate program to detect them and to help them. Guns will always be obtainable to those who wish to harm others. Police cannot protect us from these psychopaths. Only self defense can.

  • Nam1

    “What is wrong with a security guard carrying a firearm”… Nothing, as long as they aren’t bringing pepper spray to a gun fight!

  • Katielee4211

    I think even more, we should somehow ignore Obama when he speaks. Mourn, explore & address the problems and look for solutions, but ignore the political turmoil and zoo Obama injects. Simply disregard him.

  • Thomas Grimes

    yes of course !! Mourn and light candles and pray to God ….Again and again and ad infinitum and pretend the problem will solve itself !! thats the American way !! Forty five school shootings in 9 months !! That one helluva lot of mourning !! and there will be more to come in the coming months!!!America has been in mourning for centuries !! look back in your history on how many shootings in schools!! since the 18th century and over 300 years down the line…. no solution .. and America has the arrogance to attempt to police other countries …

  • mak

    Why doesn’t the sheriff of lane county deputize some teachers and save money on a mall guard?

  • obamasux

    Universal, constitutional carry (just like the Second Amendment says – what a novel concept!) and outlaw Gun Free (aka Unarmed Victim) zones, baby. The problem with EVERY mass shooting is too few guns, not too many.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Who said…..
    “If They Bring A Knife To The Fight, We Bring A Gun”

    Barack Hussein Obama
    Philly, June 2008

  • MrChicken

    Obama didn’t get it, did he? Don’t worry someone will explain it to him. Probably the same person who shows him how to tie his shoes every morning.