Quarterback Flagged for Praising Jesus After Touchdown

Late in the first half of Mexico Central Academy’s regular-season football finale at Vernon-Verona-Sherrill on Saturday, Tigers’ quarterback Dante Turo took a snap from center and bolted 73 yards for a touchdown.

As he crossed the goal line well ahead of any V-V-S defenders, Turo, a devout Christian, raised his right arm and pointed skyward. He also held the football up with his left hand.

“I was just trying to give glory to God,” Turo said Tuesday.

Instead of signalling a touchdown, an official standing on the goal line reached into his back pocket and tossed up a yellow penalty flag.

The call: Turo was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, for taunting, said Mexico head coach Tee Murabito, who questioned the call. (Read more from “Quarterback Flagged for Praising Jesus After Touchdown” HERE)

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  • RWS

    I am a Christian and not an aficionado of football. But, yes, I can see that this could easily be seen as taunting the losing side.

    Even if it’s not, it isn’t public behavior that exalts Christ. Perhaps this young fellow will be able to see his actions from other perspectives as he matures in Christ and encounters more kinds of people (“I become all things to all people, that I might win some for Christ”).

    • ramesaz

      It is a bit of a stretch for the referee to “assume” this young man was praising Jesus. All football players raise their hands or do something to celebrate a victorious play. This is utter nonsense to “assume” he was “taunting” the other side. There is no shame in exalting Christ in public or in private. He was simply expressing his joy in the fact that he had performed the very thing that he (and football) attempt to do. People get a life. Let the kids play the game and quit trying to judge their every actions.