Watch: Chelsea Clinton Asked If Bill Preys on Young Girls, This Is Her Response

Conservative activist Robert Morrow attended Chelsea Clinton’s book signing in Austin, Texas Friday with camera in hand.

“Has your mother ever told you that you’re the daughter of Webb Hubbell, and not Bill Clinton,” he said while Chelsea was looking down, signing a copy of “It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going.”

The question was in reference to a long-time rumor alleging Chelsea was the result of an affair between the Clinton lawyer and Hillary . . .

Referring to Clinton’s book being geared towards kids, Morrow asked, “Would you say Bill Clinton also targets teenage girls, except for sexual reasons?”

“I would say my book is really resonating with kids,” Clinton responded. “I was at the Ann Richards School earlier today and I’m so grateful that it’s resonating to the young girls and the young boys that I’ve been talking to across the country.” (Read more from “Watch: Chelsea Clinton Asked If Bill Preys on Young Girls, This Is Her Response” HERE)

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  • gracentruth

    Leave her alone. She is not responsible for her father or her mother. Peace,

  • jimbo124816

    Her parents have taught her well. Always answer a question in the most evasive manner, never saying anything at all. She has apparently been told that Web Hubble is her real father, and has had many years to perfect her smiling non-answer, without showing any emotion at all. She was ready for that question and knew that someday it would be asked.

    She is just like the rest of the Clintons, calling her protective Secret Service agents “pigs”, and forcing all the employees in the Clinton foundation to never speak directly to her, and if she comes down a hallway, they are instructed to duck into the nearest doorway to avoid her. She gets to dole out the money to whomever she pleases, without any oversight, answering to nobody. She is Hillary Junior.

  • ldazzle

    Ugly broad w/Hilltery as a pattern, & Webb following up.

  • 5anda4

    I’m with gracentruth, leave her alone. Chelsea had nothing to do with her conception. In the words of Hillary, “What difference does it make?” Bill and Hill can answer for their own deeds or misdeeds. Chelsea can do likewise.

  • georgev

    Well taught on how to lie with a straight face.
    Remember, Bill Clinton didn’t have sexual relations with that women either.