A Millennial’s Guide to Bill Clinton’s Sex Scandals

The feud between Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton hit a boiling point over the weekend when the former first lady accused the billionaire of sexism. Trump took to Twitter to slam Bill Clinton for his former sex scandals and had a “penchant for sexism.”

Here’s a run down:

Eileen Wellstone allegedly was sexually assaulted by a 23-year old Bill Clinton at a pub near Oxford University (the future president was a student there). He admitted to the encounter, but claimed it was consensual. Nonetheless, he ended up leaving the school a year after the incident without a degree.

According to Capitol Hill Blue, just three years later while he was dating Hillary at Yale University, a female student called campus police stating that Bill sexually molested her.

In 1974, an unnamed University of Arkansas student complained to her faculty advisor that her law professor Bill Clinton groped her and forced his hand inside her blouse. The 28-year-old law professor claimed that she was the one who came onto him. (Read more from “A Millennial’s Guide to Bill Clinton’s Sex Scandals” HERE)

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  • Disgusted


  • Do America’s women really want Bill back in the White House, back on Air Force One, groping the staff, “not” having sexual relations with the interns?

    If they do, they are NOT the women of intelligence, honor, strength, whom I know and respect!

    • ricoliv

      Unfortunately, too many of America’s women have been blinded by the “blight” of gender inequality, climate change, and many of the other sham issues which the Democrats have foisted upon the voting public. Women showed little intelligence when they voted for Obama– twice– and my guess is they will turn out in droves to elect The First Woman President in spite of her philandering husband..

  • Lou

    Democrat strategy is to win at any cost and to hell with the country, morals, etc. The media facilitates this every day by ignoring detrimental stuff like this.

  • KDC

    This kind of behavior should never be accepted by anyone holding the office of President. That office should be held to the highest standard. He should have been ousted!
    Bill Clinton is in his own war on women!