Trey Gowdy Just Announced Who He’s Backing For President – It Will Turn Your Stomach

Sen. Marco Rubio has earned the support of conservative favorite Rep. Trey Gowdy, who will join the freshman Senator for a three-day trip to Iowa to rally support for his campaign.

“Marco is a rock solid conservative and a strong leader we can trust,” Gowdy said in a statement proved to reporters. “I look forward to campaigning in Iowa with him, and introducing my good friend to voters across the state.”

Gowdy is a celebrity among many conservatives, thanks to his tough prosecutorial grilling of members of the administration officials during congressional hearings and because he has chaired the Benghazi investigative committee that centers on Hillary Clinton. (Read more from, “You Want Believe Who Trey Gowdy Just Endorsed” HERE)

  • Bob Trower

    It doesn’t turn my stomach. Rubio would make a great president. He is not my first choice Cruz is. But after what we have had for the last 7 years, a fence post would make a better president.
    Cruz, Rubio would make America a proud country again.

    • disqus_W47gpHId63

      Rubio wil have illegals running across our borders…and he will forgive all the lawbreaking job taking ones who have their hands out for our income and our own family s support systems….yes, our kids do without since they have our jobs!
      what?! You are an idiot

      • Armycombatvet

        Well said, Rubio is nothing but a lazy do nothing senator who is Constitutionally ineligible to run for the White House. He was not born to parents who were not American citizens at the time of his birth! He is for massive uncontrolled illegal immigration and misses more votes than he makes. Gowdy, just another bloviating all talk no action egotistical actor accomplishing zero, zilch, nada. As they say lose lips sink ships and his lips have never accomplished a positive result in a Congressional investigation.See the Clintongue hearings where such an enormous aggregation of evidence should have been a slam dunk recommendation for conviction on multiple felonies with treason and violation of the oath of office for starters. Result should have been a very long prison sentence in the least, it’s mandatory! The average citizen gets

        • Armycombatvet

          Never finished my post and my mess-up in the second sentence meant to say “he was not born to parents who were American citizens.” The average citizen gets thrown in jail for offenses far less serious than any of the massive number of felonies, acts of treason and violations of the oath of office committed from the white house on down, not the least of which are those committed by the Clintongues!

  • Scott Snoopy

    Rubio is not my first choice but I would vote for him over hillary or bernie anyday. He is also far better of a choice than Jeb, Huckabee, Christy, Kasich..all of whom are dyed in the wool RINOs.

    • Chish

      And that my friend is exactly what the RNC expects of us, to settle. Hold our nose and vote for the squish they nominate just so a Democrat isn’t elected. How’s that been working out for us?

      • ramesaz

        Chish, it hasn’t worked out at all, because we have failed to elect just anybody therefore the Demo’s have had a free reign for 8 years. I would give any Repub a chance over any Demo even if I had to settle for the worst one. We are where we are because we wouldn’t settle and we have defeated ourselves. Romney would have been such a better choice than Obama but you retards wouldn’t back him even though he was the only game in town. If we don’t “settle” this time and Hillary gets in the game is over. Wise up friend.

      • KDC

        Yup, they want business as usual.

  • disqus_W47gpHId63

    Wow! I am so disappointed! Cruz idiot support Cruz!!!!!!!!!

  • mikecnj

    Rubio : shorter version if Jeb Bush

    • KDC

      Exactly, well said!

  • will_ford

    gowdy turns out to be just another part of the d.c. click. USELESS to the real voters of the USA.

  • Chish

    Another gift from the state that gave us such notables as Lindsey Graham, Jim Clyburn, Fritz Hollings and Strom Thurman. Gowdy is reported to be leaving DC after his term expires. Probably already looking for a cabinet spot from the Gang of Eight’s tool, Rubio.

  • Mary M

    So so sad! Used to believe in him. Now know that Mr Trump is right! Every single one of our politicians are bought and paid for!
    Marco Rubio really???!!!!!!!!
    Why don’t we make notth and South America one big borderless country! Oh and Syrians most welcome as well!
    GTH dreamers and sceemers! We will not go down without a fight!!!!!
    Trump 2016 or revolution if stopped!

  • Paul

    Damn, that is too bad. I really liked Trey, too. Yep, none of them (regardless of party) listens to the people anymore. They are all out of touch with the real America.
    Here is a suggestion for ALL business’ out there – STAY OUT OF POLITICS IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE IN 2016.

  • gracentruth

    Trey is taking votes away from Senator Cruz and helping Mr. Trump. I wonder why. Peace,

  • Bill Meeker

    Whoever Gowdy endorses will upset somebody and certainly Rubio is not my first choice but I’m with Scott below. I wouldn’t consider “settling” for Trump, Rubio or Cruz a “bad” thing and I still respect Gowdy.

  • SF soldier

    One of the good old boys, guess Gowdy wants in with the in crowd! We don’t need any good old boys. We need Trump or Cruz someone outside the good old boys club!


    Good luck on that sinking ship, Congressman.

  • TheEye

    Problem is, after all the tough prosecutorial work, not an effen thing happened. Typical b.s. Ends up being nothing but a bunch of postering. See the new boss, much like the old boss. How long can these ruses be played on un plebecites?

  • dufus

    Don’t flush that toilet. The Republican establishment will go down with it!
    Trey Gowdy just turned out to be the biggest disappointment next to Paul
    Ryan. Is it any wonder why the party is in the sad shape it is in?

  • KDC

    “Marco is a rock solid conservative”…well if Gowfy said,”Rubio is a rock solid Est.Republican”, then you would have the truth. He’s one smooth politician, but we the people are sick to death of the smooth talking RINO liars. And now I’m wondering where Gowdy is coming from. He seemed to have changed in the last four months. “They” probably got to him too.

  • TruthToBeTold

    This is why no-one has been held accountable in the most corrupt defacto administration in American history. Trey Gowdy is part of the problem.